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- xiaozhang
(3/7/2012 9:55:06 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
There are ways (weasel ways, to be sure) to avoid any direct slanders that a commentator might want to offer. A Disclaimer might be in order, but backing away from candor would be a major transgression, limitation and suppression of well-known, but (perhaps) tenuous rights.
Unwanted or unintended episodes of blowback or other unintended consequences are considerations that fall into the responsibility of and are up to the broadcaster.
The latest "Rush" and Kirk" rants are prime examples of people saying what they think - a right. Responses to those can be crafted to be socially acceptable while still being vilifying - the intent, I suppose, of many who choose to comment in a manner that leaves no question as to their disgust at what some might call ignorant, arrogant and toxic positions held by some.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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