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(9/13/2013 7:34:26 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
rRG4KH Thanks so much for the blog post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.
- NY
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fLGl4y Looking forward to reading more. Great article post.Much thanks again. Fantastic.
- NY
(1/30/2013 7:45:29 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Everyone to discuss scottie pippen and lebron defense
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Two people's defense is top, but two people to defend (technical, attitude, etc.) without holes, or obvious short board? If yes, what are respectively.
One can compare two people's defensive style it
Honor, two people are not the best defense.
Scottie pippen and lebron is historical level all-round small before, but this only discuss the defense. Both can be from 1 to 4 a defensive position,

- Gugvjn
(1/29/2013 11:08:36 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Method's hamstring injury test for three weeks, Adrian will be on top
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Scored a goal in the method's exam on 57 minutes was substituted, affects the heart of the home fans. Although Monday's test method will accept the further inspection, but the boss has been basically determine its there will be three weeks or so can't play for atletico Madrid. "We still don't know the specific test results injury, but he felt very pain

- ibwppkw
(3/6/2012 10:17:14 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Ogilvy's admonition to write copy as if the speaker were having an organic, real-time, real-life, one-to-one chat with a potential customer is a 1963 recipe for disaster in a new millenium, Radio/TV/Electronic environment.

For those who aren't sure... try it. Then notice the self-experienced, autonomic desire for projectile vomiting.

I am reminded of the similar, moronic admonition for on-air folks to pretend they are speaking to their best friend. How incredibly patronizing do we have to be before we get bitch-slapped by an insulted audience? Oh! Never mind - it's already happening.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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