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Success on Facebook is Not About "Likes"

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(1/28/2013 11:13:08 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
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- Guglqq
(2/18/2012 3:02:26 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Hey, Loyd, great quick-read summary piece about why "Likes" are just the tip of the iceberg of opportunity. I shared this on my Chris Miller Digital FB page this week, and I'll be linking to it in my weekly news summary that gets posted on my blog Sunday morning at 10am ET. Nice work!
- Chris Miller
(2/17/2012 3:27:09 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
You are exactly right. Stations that are not engaged in giving listeners love on Facebook are missing out. When listeners post something about your station or on your station page, the quicker the response the better. In addition to responding "publically" on the page, you should get an email address (easy to do on Facebook) and respond to them directly.

Good points. Thank you.

- Loyd Ford
(2/17/2012 11:16:56 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Thanks for this.

“Likes” are not the benchmark for Radio Social success. They are the base for Facebook to target their $3.2 billion advertising.

And “Likes” do put Station posts in each listener’s Newsfeed and Ticker.

Radio may not realize that listeners always have the option to “Hide story” or “Hide all.”

Also, Social experts agree - the simplest way to start engaging FB fans? Respond to their posts and comments the same day. Thank them.

- Ellyn Ambrose

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