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(1/19/2012 5:17:28 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Everyone should lighten up. What if Melin took a very honest approach in differentianting their product:
"You Give Us 21 minutes and 59 seconds, and We Give You The World"
"Traffic and Weather Together, except when we are oversold and have to stick a few commercials between Traffic and Weather"

- Bob
(1/19/2012 4:26:33 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
News and talk stations across the country use the term "Traffic and Weather together" during on-air promos. Shouldn't CBS be sending cease and desist to everyone who infringes on their copyrighted phrase and not just Merlin Media?
- Deke
(1/19/2012 1:36:04 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Why should anyone be surprised? It's typical of Randy's lack of creativity.
- Dave "Giff" GIfford
(1/19/2012 1:32:15 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
This isn't Tampa. This ain't The Power Pig. WEMP ain't gonna be much of a factor in this town.
- Tha Troof
(1/19/2012 1:27:41 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
WEMP is a wanna be in name only because they're all self-promotion and weak on content. The station airs inane news stories that seem to be targeted to pinheads... along with dumb music clips, sound effects and needless commentary from its so-called "anchors." Note to WEMP. I don't care WHAT your on-air people think about the news. Also, take some lessons on those silly little details such as attribution, balance, innocent-until proven guilty and relevance.
- Anthony
(1/19/2012 1:24:06 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content

- Tom
(1/19/2012 10:00:00 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
CBS should be sued just for coming up with the "traffic and weather together" phrase. As well as anyone who uses it!
- Dale

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