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The Trap of The Client Survey

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674CId Very good article post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.
- NY
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Quite so, and as Neil asserts: Radio is a personal medium where loyalties and familiarities are very much - factors.

Yet, customers have nowhere near the recall of being influenced by Radio as they would be by Print or real-life, organic conversations.

Really, Neil. Radio was so low on the hierarchy in those surveys, a newbie sales-rep could be forgiven if she thought she was selling Yellow Pages-ads in an area that had no phones.

Yet, the customers were lining up - waving cash and credit cards.

Our (Radio's) ability to deliver customers was based on two factors: The ads were emotionally stimulating and the Special Promotion-deals were... fantastic!

- Ronald T. Robinson
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Regarding the furrier's surveys, I'd like to add one other thought for consideration. That radio is the “friend/acquaintance”. As Mr. Robinson mentioned, customers can refer back to a print ad, even carry it with them. Of course this is not so with broadcast. TV is an appointment media, whereas radio is a partnership. With several stations playing similar music, the listeners choice is often dictated by their (perceived) friendship with the station, the personalities. So when they hear the ads, they heard it "from a friend/acquaintance". (And while talk radio can also be an appointment media, it is also based on friendship and similar like/dislikes). Survey takers do not attribute influence to the “radio”, because on the emotional level Mr. Robinson spoke of, their relationship with radio is personal, it is a friendship. And that is why radio is the ultimate word-of-mouth. It is friend to friend. And on the furrier’s surveys, that puts radio at the top.
- Neil Holmes

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