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Curtis Media Ditches All Jocks at Rocker

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(6/9/2015 7:35:36 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
sL51CP A round of applause for your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.
- NY
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jM0Ful Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article.Much thanks again. Really Cool.
- NY
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c9wrMf Im grateful for the article. Awesome.
- NY
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fuN38C Im thankful for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.
- NY
(11/27/2011 10:37:46 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Yet: The company CEO brags of how when others fired his company hired. We operate our stations like it is the 70s. We are all about local radio. To all of his baseless claims and obvious failures (again) about all you can say is "blah blah blah". What a walking book of contradictions. Always good for the local economy to have more unemployed folks. But hey, they have sales and millions in the bank so what are a few more without work. "blah blah blah"
- Tim
(11/24/2011 8:02:27 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
When I was being trained to do counselling-work, one of the first edicts to which we were introduced was: "People, and the organizations they build, have a tendency to: find out what doesn't work -- and do it harder!"

Curtis Media could have been on the poster.

- Ronald T. Robinson
(11/24/2011 3:09:51 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
How about instead of firing all your very capable jocks, you instead just add to the playlist? Rock is dying, and it's not from a lack of talent as there are tons of awesome rock bands out there that just haven't gotten the recognition they deserve because money hungry radio executives refuse to support them. Instead, you make the decision to play the same music we've all been listening to for decades. Your ratings have dropped because of this, not because of the jocks. The days of constantly being tuned in to our favorite radio station for a chance to hear some awesome, mind blowing new tunes are over. Your listeners have grown bored of you due to your lack of diversity. Why should we sit hours upon hours on end waiting to hear the same stuff we've listened to hundreds of times when we can just listen to it on a CD or iPod without the wait? No, what people will sit around for is music that is new to them, for THAT is truly the excitement of listening to the radio. I guarantee that my playlist and music collection would bring a far larger fan base than your idea of including Skynrd, Guns N Roses, AC/DC, and Ozzy's Greatest Hits albums in a shuffle playlist with one or two "newer" songs and think you have a radio station. 96Rock has been dying for years & died because you BORED your listeners. Fire the jocks? I say no. I say fire the executives making decisions to NOT capitalize on the music of today & who choose to be completely unimpressive riding on the coat tails of artists of yesterday. Shame on you Curtis media.
- Robert

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