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Are You Still Dropping The "Y" Bomb?

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(10/21/2011 9:25:41 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I should have added: At no time have I suggested that Radio is not a personal medium. Of course it is and how could it not be - individuals are listening. What I do say is, "There is no 'Personal Listener' - exclusively."

That is the distinction that has been soiling our undies for... like... forever?

- Ronald T. Robinson
(10/21/2011 8:22:54 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Interesting comments. I am, however, more open to evidence rather than strident and, obviously, sincere assertions.

Further, "content" delivered poorly gets real stale and real fast.

"Process", meanwhile, has yet to be addressed by Radio... at all.

Plus, the moment a person turns the radio on - they are already there and anything that is delivered is delivered to their ears and mind. In other words: the individual is already engaged. All that's left is to find ways to have them tune out. And we do that with great expertise.

From tune-in on, it is up to the Presenter to maintain some interest in the listener. and that's about.... "process'. More to follow....

- Ronald T. Robinson
(10/20/2011 1:14:00 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
As a broadcast professional, I am quite alarmed by what you've written. To begin with, it is largely unintelligible gobbledy-gook. Using large words and puffy phrases as a means of sounding intelligent is not only a sure sign of arrogance; when mis-used all it does is create confusion. Your opinion about radio not being a personal medium is what created a generation of talking heads who spoke to nobody. Instead we had a bunch of big-voiced jocks who were so fascinated by the sound of their own voices the medium became dominated by HOW things were said and paid no attention to WHAT was being said! It's the CONTENT age. We need content with meaning not a bunch of jocks hitting posts. Nobody cares about that - they want to be engaged and if you're going to engage someone you'd better be talking to them.

- Withheld
(10/18/2011 9:19:37 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Thanks to Mark, Peter and Jock for their input as they do, indeed, stir the pot.

Thank you, also, Jock, for the clarification. I realise this is not a one sermon conversion process. Yet, I believe we all (on-air-types) want the same things: We want our audience to have senses of enjoyment, security, friendship, companionship and an acceptance of our own credibility and dependability along with an appreciation for our witterness and clevyness.

We can do all of that - without annoying the individual or the majority - by stopping the (figurative) behavior of taking our index finger and sticking them in the forehead with a series of "You"s. (There are other techniques, as well.)

Meanwhile, I think it is incumbent on me to attempt to establish some creds beyond pushing some wild-eyed "theories" and "concepts" from north of the 49th. (It does get cold up here and yes, we do get weird.)

I'll schmooze the lovely and talented "Ed the Editor" for his valued, judicious and arbitrarily Draconian input.

- Ronald T. Robinson
(10/18/2011 5:56:25 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Ronald, I respect your intellect...I happen to disagree with your thoughts on this subject however. I also am not a huge believer in the veracity of "studies" that could prove or disprove this theory. I do know that I have listened to the radio all my life, and I have been a voice that thousands of people have listened to over those years as well. Personal, one on one communication is the most effective way to reach the audience. Yes, you can succeed with a more general approach, but you will endear yourself to your audience more if they feel you are talking just to them. It is theatre of the mind, they know consciously that we are not speaking only to them, but the mind will allow us to accept the communication, and a personal approach is much better. I would like to apologize for denegrating your skills, but I certainly think you are off base here.
- Jock Harris
(10/17/2011 9:53:54 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Your call to honesty is a breathe of fresh air in a manipulative, corporate-driven world, Ron.
- Peter Tripp
(10/17/2011 12:55:07 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
How's about just: "Good Morning!" This eliminates the travesty and futility of "one-to-one" and the over-generalzation of "everyone" or "y'all" - a strategy that has, apparently, already been seen through. To be clear, I have never suggested or implied that as a viable alternative.

Tonality and temperament will do the trick - quite nicely. But even that will be about the speaker... not the audience.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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