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Are You A Lonely Program Director?

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(10/21/2011 8:31:04 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Excellent advice. I was once in a situation when I had to make a choice between two PD situations and reached out to my friend Eric Rhoads. First suggestion: get away. "Go sit on a mountain top, fly away to some secluded beach. No family, no cell phone, no email".

So, the next day I hopped on a flight and went off to a beach. It was tremendously therapeutic and allowed me to clear my head and sort of 'reboot'. Even if just for a couple of days, I highly recommend it.

- JJ Duling
(10/17/2011 12:30:04 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I never envied my PDs, Buzz. Sometimes it was like standing on a bridge and witnessing a guy diving in while still wearing steel-toed workboots in attempting a rescue.... of someone who was making a suicide attempt.

Great insights.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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