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Don Benson

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Benitez was in the red army coach for 6 years, was Spain goalkeeper pepe reina urged sign card sola. But Liverpool feel to do not have enough money to buy the was playing for villarreal midfielder.
Benitez said: "Liverpool know card sola, he and our array of players have a good relationship. Is impossible to sign him, because a lot of money to buy him a great risk. When he is a winger, not

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Western media exposure valdes not renew or out of revenge and humiliation
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"World dello sport reported that in the valdes agent and father told Barcelona no longer contract, valdes did not explain it positive. On Saturday, valdes said will hold a press conference to explain he refused to sign a new contract with the club reasons, but in the end he decided to temporarily not to respond.
Meanwhile, the Catalan daily website published a report

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