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Who Are You Really Talking To Out There?

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P8N8KG Major thankies for the article. Really Great.
- NY
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lf6Jpr Very good blog article.Much thanks again. Cool.
- NY
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DUG1Gn Thanks for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.
- NY
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Rx9oW6 Very informative article.Really thank you! Keep writing.
- NY
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CozoTj Say, you got a nice post. Will read on...
- NY
(11/4/2011 9:14:03 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Meanwhile, as Jock (perhaps understandably) accuses me of promoting an "impersonal" style, I am obliged to make the important distinction.

There is no need for a performer to connect at a personal level - that is, one-to-one. Besides, it's not being done now; it's never been done and it can't be done - unless a comment is directed to a named listener. Not without suffering the penalties the of rejecting a majority of other listeners in the process.

The priority is for the Personality to be PERSONABLE. That is, someone who a Listener finds compelling, entertaining, genuine, interesting etc.

Humongous distinction here and one which I hope more Radio-folk will be beginning to realize.

- Ronald T. Robinson
(11/4/2011 8:25:02 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Even as "Jock" offers some respect in his disagreement, we are still going to have these discussions.

Here's a distinction: I'm not talking about a jock's approach. I'm talking about a jock's targeting and... about a Listener's reality... parts of which a jock can influence, adjust, verify, distort, enhance etc, etc.

The ability of a Talent to have options and make choices in their deliveries could only be of benefit to anyone involved. I haven't eliminated or suppressed anything about a jock's presentation. In practice, I am protecting a jock from crashing the reality of a majority of a given audience at any one time.

Meanwhile, that a bazillion radio-folk have made the one-to-one assumption since the hundred thousand watt AM'er in Galilee, C-ROM, ("Caesar's Rome Rocks The Known World") signed on, is no demonstration of its validity or the value of its continued use.

As to the undisguised, dis-repectful assumption of "puny opposition": That's possible. Or maybe I just kept tripping and falling into gold mines and bank vaults... year after year after year.

I do appreciate how it wouldn't serve anyone (likely a majority) sharing Jock's position, however, to include the possibility that another skill-set made up of different approaches might have been a deciding factor.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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