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Radio Lessons From The Facebook Changes

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Interviews are stressful, powerless circumstances that can cause you to shed your "cool," which torpedoes your odds of a task make available, Lammers states. But remembering while you have been the one particular with the driver's seat seems to reverse that self esteem drain, he adds.
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Stern: the team monitor player no problem
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Mention doran Anthony monitoring, stern said the report has not been confirmed, but the knicks in this league has no provisions.
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Joan laporta has no: melon handsome choose bayern wise, Barcelona this keep goalkeeper
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According to the goalkeeper valdes no longer and Barcelona contract Joan laporta also spoke: "I hope that he can leave, do not know whether the goal to achieve, because it is his own decision. But Barcelona should for him and him on the pitch did. Thank you in this world nothing can never be changed, Barcelona should again try to keep it, if not, then re

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Thank you for your kind words. No doubt there is upside opportunity with social media to give local radio a stronger connection to listeners. There is also local-based non-traditional revenue opportunities that radio has yet to discover and exploit.

The more we begin to recognize these opportunities exist for radio because of our existing strengths the better our future will be.

- Loyd Ford
(10/6/2011 11:14:24 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
This is realy good stuff. Why is it so hard for radio to understand that in all markets it's local that counts? Social Media, in fact New Media (which is not so new anymore) is the perfect place for radio demonstrait it's ability to be part of the community. This is not rocket science, it's plain common sence.
- Jay Clark

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