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What PD's Can Learn From Terry Francona

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ZBUArD Very neat blog post.Really thank you! Much obliged.
- NY
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- lol
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JS, I disagree that Buzz's baseball analogy is a stretch. It does not matter whether you hire your team or inherit them. A PD still has to manage them. Buzz makes some excellent points about keeping the team focused and functioning as one. Managing Major Market radio talent is a lot like managing Major Leugue ball players.
- Tom Kelly, Kelly Music Research
(10/4/2011 10:32:05 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Kind of a reach here. Baseball managers don't get to recruit, hire, retain or fire their talent. They have very little leverage in a players union protected environment. Even sitting a star on the bench because of attitude will draw the ire of fans back to the manager. Baseball managers also have to suit up along side their players 162 times a year. Every live game decision they make will be second guessed in real time in front of 40,000 paying customers and perhaps millions tuning in via radio,TV and the internet. There are more PD positions in single major market than managers in all MLB markets combined. About the only parallel I see is that both jobs have specific numeric success measurements based around beating the competition and if you attain them you get to keep the gig.
- JS

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