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I Can't Listen To You Anymore!

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(10/26/2013 12:59:02 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
nE1t6a Great blog.Much thanks again. Great.
- NY
(9/13/2013 3:09:44 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
w5wd96 Major thankies for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.
- NY
(9/6/2013 5:55:03 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
b6UIRN Thanks a lot for the post.Much thanks again.
- NY
(4/4/2012 6:18:13 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
RTR: Pt.Deux of what began last month was a worthwhile wait! Not sure if that will be common reactive response though;life can be a great teacher - for the 'teachable.' Radio could still be so successful, so compelling, so captivating;however,that would require people of like minds dedicated to a common goal and doing whatever necessary to get there!Didn't that Jet Blue Pilot say the same thing?
- Charley West
(4/2/2012 2:45:23 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
He always has a lot to say about radio, which is interesting in that he hasn't held a radio job in decades.
His comments are always the same, negative rubbish, too. If he was as great at it as he claims, wouldn't he be working in it? Reading his drivel has become nothing more than a big, fat yawn. Predictable. Perhaps he should take his own advice, or just face the fact that his career in radio is over. Let it go.

- Jack
(11/3/2011 9:54:25 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Until "Ed the Ed." throws me under the station van, I'm going to presume that Radio Ink is a medium in which matters of consequence to Radio-people get discussed. And that includes the harsher challenges.

My expectations are low - only a minority of folks will actually be "getting it".... for awhile. Many just won't care.

- ronald T. Robinson
(11/3/2011 5:36:58 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Hey Ron, 1.) You keep talking as if you and I had established a close, warm and personal connection and that I presume I am the one to whom you are communicating. We have not. It is not and I do not.

2.) You and your associates are continuously telling me what to do as if you had some authority over me. You do not.

Please Shut up now.
Geez what a windbag!! (Does anyone else agree??)

- Nun Yorbiz

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