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This year will be my 3rd year going to Farm Chicks! It is such a GREAT time spending a special day with my friend Jessica! One of my most memorable moments was finding a jar of marbles that had one large shooter in it. It stood out because it had a rainbow in it. My rule has always been in any antique show to go through the booths, making notes of which booth had things I liked then go back to them. I learned my lesson last year when I missed out on that jar of marbles by less than 2 minutes! If it is something you can't get your mind away from, go back right then!!
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I agree with Maynard. A lot of stations are using external music and media as their strength when it was never the sole strength of radio. My question is, should there be a balance 50/50 or possibly a 70/40 - Community news/involvement/etc. vs. music?
- Frankie Wilson
(9/27/2011 8:55:40 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
As long as the huge conglomerates own 1,000 of stations wit a board of directors and stock holders wanting more money. Radio will never return to what it should and use to be. Be cause of greed and the could care less attitude of owners. Do expect it to change until stations are sold for pennies on the $ to people that actually care about radio and the biggest surprise of all "the listeners". I compare radio to the same demise of NASCAR. The greed factor destroyed both of them.
- PodcastBunker
(9/27/2011 12:21:53 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Yup. It's about time to return to the days of your friendly local DJ (even at night) and a dependable local news crew (even if it's only two people) to have that spontaneous, immediate relationship with your local listeners. Presentation of more diverse music formatting would also help attract listeners back to radio. You don't need expert research to figure these things out.
- Steve Bianchi

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