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(1/30/2013 3:42:17 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Steven gerrard: fernando torres has probably regret leaving the Liverpool
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Liverpool captain Steven gerrard believes Chelsea's striker fernando torres must have run away at anfield and feel sorry.
At the same time Steven gerrard don't believe in torres leave Liverpool hurt before let he lost his speed, but he also realized that a long absence after state is difficult to want to find. He said: "to be honest I'm not sure whether he speed slow down

- jhdcffo
(1/29/2013 1:41:39 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Manchester united to white hart lane, baker will stay in Manchester
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Ferguson said: "you want to some players say 'I put you stay here not because you very well last week, you're great, but I want to send a different team.' that such players stay here it's difficult to make a decision. You need to find their conversation, over the past ten years, the team in the notice on the bulletin board has disappeared, replaced by a player running data

- jvrgglf
(7/31/2012 5:50:06 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
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- ZBWqVljziLKG
(9/30/2011 4:58:11 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
J16jC6 <a href="">dbxnrtyikbkr</a>, [url=]dffopgohetsh[/url], [link=]neurqjjvaqql[/link],
- NY
(9/19/2011 5:36:02 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Loyd, as usual, you are right on the mark. I have noticed that many personalities may have FB pages, but they don't care about them, it's just another part of the job, like personal appearances. Radio and it's people used to be alot more accessible. Social media is a good way to help listeners feel close to us again. Great article.
- Bob Brandon

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