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The Fairness Doctrine Fallacy

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(8/24/2011 1:10:01 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Well, I like a good myth as much as the next person, and the idea that the Fairness Doctrine stifled speech is a myth.

There have been popular conservative hosts on the air since the 1950s. Also, the FD never mandated that if a rightie said X, a leftie had to be called upon immediately to say Y. Stations used to have a conservative show, and then a liberal show. And these stations did just fine. The Fairness Doctrine may seem impractical but it kept radio from being one-sided. I miss that.

- Donna Halper
(8/23/2011 3:38:33 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
A complaint about the popularity of the right communicators and the lack of a communist or socialist Rush or Savage nation. Simply means that the American radio audience does not enjoy hearing that message or discuss its meaning in their lives. Americans are smarter than their elected. The Russians dropped it and the Russians are not stupid.
- Dan Mitchell
(8/23/2011 1:26:55 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
All this talk of zealotry seems always to focus on conservatism and voices to the "right." I should like to point out that there are *plenty* of liberal zealots on the left, too. Just that there aren't as many of them on the airwaves, since liberals can't figure out how to make money.
- Damn Yankee
(8/23/2011 12:11:14 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Here we haul out the "public owns the airwaves" garbage again. The "airwaves" (another misnomer) by themselves can do nothing regarding communication unless someone PAYS REAL MONEY (i.e.: buys the bullhorn) for infrastructure that will allow the "airwaves" to be used for such a purpose.

"Scarcity of the airwaves" (a double misnomer) is an outdated concept. There could be a lot more "airwaves" (frequencies or allocations would be better words here) being used for braodcasting if world governments would see fit to permit doing so. "Scarcity" pretty much disappeared beginning in the 70's with the widespread use of more stable oscillators which opened up UHF & SHF spectrum that was previously impractical to use.

Can we have some real arguments, please?

- radiomike

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