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5 Ways To Use Social Media To Your Advantage

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(8/5/2011 10:43:20 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
OK, thanks. I thought you were saying something else.

Lately I’ve gotten a little involved in the intersection between the broadcast radio world and the non-professional podcaster world, where I come from. Some viewpoints are different, and I’m trying to sort them out. Here are a few thoughts based on this interesting article:

You need to decide if your social media brand is the station/company/business entity, or an individual. Some companies have been very successful with an online corporate brand (Comcast and Southwest Airlines on Twitter), but many times the consumers/customers can relate more easily to an individual.

In the case of radio, I really don’t care about the radio station. I relate more to the personalities on the station, and that’s who I’d want to interact with. Fans latch onto people more than they latch onto companies.

Social media is about the conversation, but it has to be genuine. If someone is trying to sell me, I unfollow. If I have an interesting conversation, or if it’s a medium where I can provide feedback and interaction, I’m more likely to stick around. Think of social media more broadly than just another content delivery medium. It’s the conversation.

Sometimes that conversation can be self-sustaining. On the Facebook page for my podcast, fans start and continue their own conversations. I might post some and so might my co-hosts, but the fans often carry the conversation. It’s a community in and of itself, which is very powerful.

I’d add these five social media ideas to bring listeners closer to you:

1. Be genuine: open, honest, responsive.

2. Create and nurture community in the social media forum you control.

3. Participate in social media forums that you do not control, but which are related to the content you produce. Do not “compete” in these places – instead contribute to the conversation. It’s only going to help you.

4. Consider “Tweet-ups” or other kinds of “meet-ups” of your fans. You need numbers (or small geographic reach) to make this work, but your followers and fans will talk about these for a long time. The brand loyalty created is very powerful. Plus you’ll love it.

5. A. Recognize that social media can be more powerful and cost effective than a traditional media campaign, if you create an interaction on a basic human level. B. Don’t listen to the marketing guy. Odds are he doesn’t get it.

Just some thoughts.

- Max Flight

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