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Tower Deaths

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Gil: king's cup in the dressing room after LuoMuShuai C quarrels
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"Ah, the newspaper reported that real Madrid striker cristiano ronaldo and boss jose mourinho in the king's cup with valencia happened after a quarrel. The quarrel happened in the bernabeu in the dressing room, jose mourinho to cristiano ronaldo on the pitch are not satisfied, and cristiano ronaldo in the game for jose mourinho to his warning be bored.
"Behold, news pointed out th

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Small white: would miss valdes, defeat to Barcelona alarming
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About the coach bela nova in the United States for treatment and miss command Barcelona game, iniesta said: "we hope Tito can quietly did what he had to do, he should be fully believe that the team will continue to forward to pay all."
For josep guardiola will become bayern's new boss, iniesta said: "bayern is one of the biggest clubs in Europe. I think any of his a choice is correct. Any

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