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Maybe Radio Does Have A Sales Problem

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Clients buy ideas, but they need results. Focus on those two things and you're most of the way there.
- Mike Bersin
(3/22/2011 2:23:43 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Excellent article. Getting results is far and away the most important service we can achieve for advertisers.

I call it BIS. Butts In Seats. We are not measured by how much or how little our product costs, how we stack up to any other medium, how many people are listening, what our demographics are, how great the website looks, etc. We are measured by Butts In Seats.

A local restaurant manager once explained to me that he was in a 10 per cent business. Ten per cent profit margin meant that he had to sell a thousand dollars worth of hamburgers to pay for the 100 dollars worth of advertising I was trying to sell on "package of the month".

I quit trying to sell packages, even though we need them sold, but began to focus on what was it I needed to do to help him sell more of his product.

In addition to being the GM/SM, I'm a hamburger salesman, car salesman, plumbing salesman, lumber salesman, grocery salesman, etc.

We have projections and quotas we have to meet, but focusing on meeting the clients quotas will make it much easier to make ours.

That's really the way it has always been, it's just that we have much more competition for shrinking ad budgets.

Our station sales have increased because we focus like a laser beam on Butts In Seats.

- smk

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