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How To Overcome The "Radio Doesn't Work" Objection

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(3/15/2011 12:19:07 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
This is a great example of why most (if not all) good radio reps have left the business. Sure—this rep can bend over backwards to accommodate and educate this uninformed, jackass potential client; but to what end? He’ll probably repeat his experience with radio and spend $500 that won’t produce any results because his ads won’t run long enough to even track. The rep burns a tank of gas, springs for a cake and (probably) puts up with his undesired advances (pulled from the case study—not my interjection) to possibly make $100. Lordy.

Meanwhile, her cell phone bill, mortgage, car payment, and gym membership go unpaid. Please add this to the growing litany of “what’s wrong with radio”.

Honestly, it’s time to stone-up, look in the mirror, and admit that this math model is beyond repair.

Does anyone really disagree? Please share your comments.

- Will Baumann

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