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GIFF: Radio CAN Expand Client Base

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(1/28/2013 5:33:10 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
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- wqitmlw
(3/14/2011 8:28:10 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Nice to stumble across this piece online just now - and very nice to see Giff back in the saddle again.

As is typical of his material, it's backed by research, filtered through his own experience, and well thought out.

Not everyone in our industry buys into "media mix," of course; some will take exception to Dave's assertions. Still, the better we understand our place today's media landscape (especially where influential brands and big advertisers are concerned) and the more adept we become in leveraging our own advantages, the greater the possibility of improving our market share.

- Rod Schwartz
(3/14/2011 10:18:04 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
"Sixty-one years ago, there appeared in Look magazine an article by Deac Aylesworth titled 'Radio Is Doomed.' Didn't happen, did it?"

No... because freeways and suburban-flight put radio in a position of talking to a captive audience in cars.

There are many outside pressures on radio programming and advertising sales today that were not present then; with too much defensive talk coming from radio execs and not enough aggressive action.

Radio missed the new media boat due to leadership that would not acknowledge a change by consumers in how content is consumed, or how advertising is purchased.

There's a constant referral to things that happened "61 years ago" in this business. As a radio veteran, I'm tired of it. Radio is only defending itself to smaller slices of the advertising pie.

- anonymous
(3/7/2011 5:10:40 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Nice article i knew that Microsoft and other giants like Google would have the deals business sooner or later and anyways the deals system is now very common but i dont think they would be able to fight against groupon deals.... i think groupon deals would be way ahead of Microsoft's because groupon is real!!!! and ms would be cloning groupon! so they better find their new ideas to put in business!
- Jenny Parker

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