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Radio Exec Says "Suckers Invest in Pandora"

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(2/15/2011 5:44:53 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Yes---there are some people who are so disconnected from society that they literally live within their so-called "smart phones" and yes, there are children that play video games all day long to the exclusion of everything else. So what? Radio---local radio---reaches more people than ANY other medium---including the internet. The facts don't lie.

The only problem radio has is that it has been around for awhile---and it is being taken for granted. In case you haven't noticed, we live in a world where, if you weren't careful---or weren't too bright, you might think that Lindsey Lohan was more important to society than the Smithsonian. You hear about Lindsey more, right?

Critics and pundits---and everyone else---want their "10 seconds of fame" (remember when it used to be "15 minutes of fame?)

Think about Howard Stern. When is the last time you heard anything about him? It was when he was on local radio---when he went to satellite, it was as if he dropped off the face of the earth. Why? Becasue local radio has listeners. It isn't outrageous unless someone is listening.

When you brush aside the "fluff" and if you actually take the time to study what the broad majority of the public actually does----you understand the power of radio and its enormous impact on society---now---and for some time to come.

Who earned $54 million last year? Rush Limbaugh. Someone must have been listening---and to AM radio---a medium that some would have you believe was dead 35 years ago.

- Davis
(2/15/2011 4:59:38 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Interesting comment thread. I’ve added my thoughts below; but I wonder—how many from the camp of “radio will never die” are from the technical, or on-air talent side of things rather than from the sales, or sales managment side?

How many of them own a smartphone?

Mary Beth—I noted in your LinkedIn profile you’ve been the President of the So Cal Broadcaster’s Assn for more than 12 years, so I guess it’s been a while since you were in the sales trenches. You probably remember a $20 spot as being deeply, deeply discounted. I think that same spot is $3.99 now (or worse) for many markets, and fixed operational costs have not gone down.

Will Baumann
Recruiting Consultant
Richland, WA

- Will Baumann
(2/15/2011 4:51:59 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Funny how many people who say they abandoned radio long ago, comment on RADIO stories on a RADIO publication...about RADIO. How's that "seeya, radio" thing working for you? Seems to me you're still interested.
- Regis Phlco
(2/15/2011 4:47:03 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
i agree with your math. the numbers don't lie. the real need right now in the market is for every broadcaster to have an online stream presence, via desktop as well as all the mobile phone apps, so that they can reach their listeners in more ways, increasing their value in their market.
- kerry brewer
(2/15/2011 4:31:18 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
LOL Shes Soooo funny. NOT!! The ONLY time I listen to mainstream radio is when I dont have CDs with me. I DO NOT want to hear DJs or commercials!! I only want music. And mainstream will NEVER have that. I cant wait to be able to afford a car with internet radio. That time cant come soon enough for me!!
- John
(2/15/2011 4:26:50 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Phil, if school is closed we get both e-mail and text notification. Weather? Current local conditions at a glance on computer or phone and with just one click I have radar, detailed forecast, extended forecast discussion, and more weather content than I can get from radio or even television. Breaking local news? Computer or phone instantly. Traffic? My GPS has traffic navigation built-in and XM has a local traffic channel. Not only do I hardly ever listen to radio, it's rare I even watch local TV newscasts anymore. Time is valuable and I can get everything I need in just five minutes online as opposed to watching a 30 minute TV newscast or be left hanging waiting for the local radio station to finally get around to telling me the temp, traffic, etc. As I said radio is dead.
- Chuck
(2/15/2011 4:18:13 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
What is the WX? Let me look at my phone and get the entire forecast (not the one recorded last night) and temp. Is school canceled? No it is not, the school has not texted me that they are. If personality is so important than that is where radio would be investing, it is not. You cannot FIRE local people and claim that local people will save us.

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