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Chris Miller

Digital With Chris Miller

Digital With Chris Miller

Chris Miller has been a major-market PD in Atlanta, Portland and Cleveland. He now operates Chris Miller Digital, which he launched. Visit his website at Contact Chris via e-mail, or 216-236-3955.

Avoid Legal Trouble And Get More Done

I worked for CBS several years ago. I know just how hard they try to avoid legal trouble. So I can only imagine the [expletive deleted] storm that occurred internally, leading up to the $10K fine that the FCC levied on CBSs Urban AC in Charlotte, WBAV.

3 Digital Lessons From John Tesh

Did you see Radio Ink's recent interview with John Tesh? He had some practical advice for radio folks about using digital tools. Only thing ishe never actually mentioned the word "digital." So let me connect the dots.

An Online Personality For Radio?

"We're crisp and precise about our on-air execution; why aren't we crisp and precise about what we do on Facebook and Twitter?" That's the question posed by Matt Haze, who defines himself as a "comedian, media personality, and recovering radio DJ," who's developing a comedy show to offer to public radio stations.

3 Ideas To Retain More Listeners

I must have touched a nerve. I got a flurry of emails responding to my piece, "Looking At Radio From The Digital Side," which was published here a couple of weeks ago. New media changes people's perceptions and expectations, often before we're aware of it happening.

Looking At Radio From The Digital Side

Going on vacation is a great chance to think about things from a new perspective. I've been on vacation for two weeks, so I've been doing a LOT of thinking! Here are a few thought-starters from a former PD who's been on the digital side for a couple of years.

The Corner Of Broadcast And Digital

"We continue to see a dramatic increase in spending on online media and it is fundamentally changing the media planning and buying process for advertisers." That's what BIA/Kelsey VP and Chief Economist Mark Fratrik said in Radio Ink recently.

Applying Word-Of-Mouth Lessons

If you haven't listened to the Radio Ink interview with word-of-mouth marketing expert Ed Keller, take a half-hour and do so.

Make The FM Phone Chip Irrelevant

The proposed FM chip for cell phones has stirred up some controversy. Here on, you've heard the head of the Consumer Electronics Association blast the idea. "You're distorting our position," says the NAB, and Radio Ink readers have weighed in with their own opinions.

Improve Your Social Media Use Today

I was recently asked what the best social media tools are. Ill give you my top three, and it may surprise you how low-tech they are. What makes your radio station unique and gives it mass appeal? Theres a short list of things that your biggest fans love about you.

5 Ideas For More Web Hits And Revenue

Here are five Web content ideas that can help build your brand, up your Web hits, and meet your listeners' expectations. Plus, you can keep them regularly updated, and you should even be able to sponsor them!

What Makes a Great Online Ad?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to what advertising works best. However, here are some traits of successful online ad campaigns that should help you find the best results for your clientsor even your own brand.

Getting Digital to Work For Your Clients

If the future is digital, then theres always another potential unknown pitfall ahead in the dark. Theres always something new that we dont know about, or that someone could use against us or is that really the case? The future is not digital; the future is the same as its always been, according to former PD turned digital expert Craig Ashwood. Relationships with clients and listeners is what will fuel our success Ashwood told me in a recent interview.

Programming For The Eyes

Websites, social media, emails to gotta use your eyes. Too many of us radio folk are still thrown by that concept. We know about how people react to what they hear more than we know about how they react to what they see. So, I talked with one PD who also happens to have a background in visual design. Rob Sidney is Director of Programming and Operations for Lincoln Financial Media in Miami. He literally learned design at his fathers knee. His dad, Douglas Sidney, was a graphic designer who owned a firm that handled major accounts like the Maryland Lottery.

Make Your Biggest Fans Even Happier

After you're done reading this, you won't be able to look at your radio station's Facebook page the same way anymore. I'm going to tell you why people have decided to "like" your brand, according to several studies that have been done.

Can You Make Money From Your Stream?

More and more of our fans are choosing to listen on their computer or their phone. However, not all radio stations are available on the web. Why? Plus, not every station that is streaming has figured out how to make money which maybe a reason they hesitate to stream. How do you get from Point A, adding the stream, to Point B...making money from the stream? If youre in the position of making it happen, heres a practical three-step process.

Website Basics You May Be Overlooking

We radio folks generally know what people expect from us on the air, and stay focused on that. On our websites, however, we often have a mish-mosh of content. Doesnt matter whether it fits our brand, or helps bring in revenue, or turns into a digital destination for fans. Here are some key parts of your website that listeners expect to find.

Those Annoying Online Ads

Sometimes, we dont have to go further than our own websites to find some incredibly irritating online ads. Digital advertising guru David Binkowski has pointed out on that online ads have often been less than effective "because their solution to reaching consumers has had little to do with being relevant or creative but everything to do with being annoying."

The Goldmine Hidden In Your Email

There's a digital tool to put your content in the hands of your fans and create revenue opportunities for your brand. You probably already have this tool, but aren't using it to its potential. It's email. For some broadcasters, the newness of social media has caused us to forget about database emails as a tool to help both programming and sales.

Here's What You Can Do About Pandora

Pandora's been in the news again this week. Here on, "Pandora Offers Better Solutions for Advertisers Than Radio" and "It's Hard To Deny, They Are Growing The Revenue" pretty well summed up that their fans consider their personalized music streams to be a form of radio as good as any other, as Pandora works aggressively to monetize that listening.

Which Formats Should Be On Pinterest?

The hottest, fastest-growing social media site is Pinterest. Its now the third-most popular social network, behind Facebook and Twitter. Its also a potentially great way for some radio brands to bond more deeply with their fans. However, jump in with your eyes open:

Which Social Media Sites Make Sense For Radio?

A potential client told me that his biggest social media goal was "to be on all possible social media sites." Unfortunately, there are dozens of them, and if you don't have a good reason for being on any given site, it probably won't help you at all. So, what makes sense for radio?

You Can't Get To The Stream From Here

Let's say I open up your website on my smartphone because I want to listen to your stream. What happens? Too often, the answer is: "You can't get there from here."