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Loyd Ford

Loyd Ford on Social Media

Loyd Ford on Social Media

Loyd Ford has been in radio all his life, beginning in High School in Southern California. His father taught him to focus on strategy when he was a boy. In his early 20s Ford began programming radio stations. He says, "It was a good match for the use of strategy. Loyd has spent time programming KRMD in Shreveport, WSSL and WMYI in Greenville, WKKT in Charlotte and WBEE in Rochester, NY. Ford's latest strategy is his social networking for radio Facebook page. We spoke to him about his vision for helping radio stations succeed with social media.

Start An Influx From Social Media!

How do you get attention and play with listeners in social media? You don't just post all that national stuff, right? 1. Write a headline that you would care about and want to learn more about right now. If you're not interested, surely they won't be. Learn the art of creating exciting headlines that lead to action. 2. Be brief and "twist" your content even national content toward your shows and your station. That's just creating tune-in and you can do it.

Managers Must Lead The Charge

You hear people talk about digital and social media, but many radio companies are having a difficult time moving the needle or getting a "movement" going to really capture real value. Why is that? It's easier to understand that you might think. Radio is still about the easiest money on the table.

Get In The Social Media Fast Lane

Words are not going away, but they are changing format or form or whatever you want to call it. If your social media is eaten up with too many words and not enough pictures or video, you are putting yourself in the slow lane. There are other ways to be in the slow lane. Being boring. Focusing too much on contesting. Being inconsistent. How do you get in the local fast lane and make it stick for your radio station, morning show, afternoon show, events and the local listeners you most want to attract?

New Year's Resolutions For Growth

Yes, you can improve your life and refocus your efforts with a few New Year's resolutions. It's not too late. While we usually talk only about social media, you may apply each of these as being important to people in all kinds of jobs and all kinds of lifestyles with the adjustment of just a few words, and that means you can use these things to improve your social media results.

6 Ideas To Improve Your Social Media Strategy

As we approach 2015, now is a great time to think about what creates a feeling of realness. Number one on the list is authenticity. But how do you create that feeling in your social media? Isn't social media fake? Not necessarily. In fact, as we take a look at the social media space you occupy, let's focus in on authenticity and being real. How can you make sure you are communicating those values to your audience in social media like you do on-air. Let us count the ways...

How Is Your Value Set For 2015?

2015 is almost upon us. Holidays, parties, talk of what changes will continue to roll through the industry. Disruptive technology threatens every business. How is your value rolling into 2015?

Listener Engagement For The Holidays

Were heading into the holidays. Way off? Nope. Its coming very rapidly. Just drop in to almost any store. Youd think Christmas was already here. Are you prepared to be in the moment with your listeners? What can you do in your social media to relate to your listeners? Social media is not new. People are still people and they need help for the holidays.

Questions That Make A Difference

I have been very fortunate to work for some great broadcasters in my life. You may have had this experience too. These were guys who were interested in building great local brands. They worked with their team to dig in and become part of the local community and created a social network around their effort that included engaging charities, churches, politics (yes, politics), and the pulse of the local community. No, this isnt a story of celebrating the old days of radio. This is an opportunity that stretches out in front of you today in your market through your radio station, your personal activity, and social media.

The Hidden Value Of Faith

Its easy to look at social media as a time suck. Thats so true if you are consuming social media. Humans are great at wasting time, and products like Facebook make it e-a-s-y. But what if you are the content provider? Is it a waste of time then? If you have the right content strategy, are consistent and committed to being entertaining, informative, interested in the audience you would most like to engage and validating them, it is consistent for you to build value.

Score Attitude Touchdowns In Social Media

Getting your attitude right is something that simply must be done from time to time. I need it. You need it. We all need it in todays busy world. In radio and in social media. Heres a checkup. 1. Are you dialed to positive? Is your attitude set on I am a winner? Do you have any daily affirmations and do your social media posts represent a positive view of your personalities, radio station, activities, and events? If not, you need a checkup, right? Being positive is so much more than wanting to be positive and listeners picking up on your approach.

Boost Your Local Content & Productivity

What if you decided to add local in as a part of your mix in social media? What might that look like? 1. Local events celebrating local events by placing them with a photo or video on your social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, and additional ways for listeners to get information by listening or going directly to your website. 2. Local charities getting your groove on with local charities important to the listener target (and sometimes advertisers) in the local market. These are things that scream you are local.

Make Your Social Media Lethal

When it comes right down to it, social media gets your focus only after all the hardcore things in the everyday life of a programmer, morning show talent, promotion director or others. Its because we are so crunched for time. But your social media can be both important and a critical connector to the ratings you want from the listeners you most crave to. How do we get there?

Project Radios Fun Image With Social Media

How much fun is your social media? I mean, radio is fun, right? Are you working to show off the fun aspects of your business? Are you thinking about things from the perspective of the listeners you most want to attract? How would your social media world look if you showcased the fun aspect of your station, your format, your lifestyle, for listeners and prospective listeners in social media and focused on leading them back to the products your company owns?

Give Your Station Social-Media Credibility

When it comes right down to it, some radio stations are simply trying to fake involvement. Probably not yours, but you know gaming the system is a common happening across many broadcast operations. How do we make it seem like we care when wedont. I just cant get up for that. So, if that is what youre into, this isnt for you.

Social Media With Purpose For Local Radio

Great radio has always been about engaging the local community at a high level and being a part of exciting things happening locally, so that you amplify those things important to the community and your listeners. I know, youre thinking it has always been about money. My feeling has always been that if you do the right things, ratings and revenue will appear and then grow. So, why isnt social media like that for radio?

A 30-Day Social Media Experiment

Social media is complicated, right? How do you have the most impact? How do you send an authentic message? How do you get people to share you, like you, love your station? How about starting with something simple? Our society has pulled away from individuals. You know your neighbor, but you may not know the next three. This is different than it was 30 or more years ago. Thats because America has changed. The world has sped up and people have less time. And more choices. Many more choices.

Influence The Movers & Shakers In Your Market

Here is how to influence the social media movers, shakers, and your cheerleaders on Facebook: 1. Do a little personal research. Look for communicators of high-passion communities, causes in your market. Look for bloggers, heavy-sharing posters, and people who appear to have influence with a good number of people in the market (yes, you can figure this out rapidly on Facebook); 2. Remember to stay local. What do you care about influencing people 400 miles from your radio station? Stay focused on local, local, local.

5 Ways To Break Out In Social Media

You always have the choice to be like everyone else. You can always fit in. You can always go along. But why not break out? Here are five (5) ways you can break out in your social media and find new fans, grow your influence, and enjoy more of your life in radio: 1. Focus your visuals on fun, entertainment, and a unique perspective. Giving a unique perspective on the entertaining side of your business will give listeners a happy-to-waste-time enjoyment of your content. This will pay dividends.

6 Tools To Save You Time

Today we focus on saving time and doing good social media work. Ready? Lets get right to it. Tools to save you time and/or make you more productive (quickly) with your social media. Hootsuite is actually well-known, of course. Maybe the best known tool of its kind. It allows you to schedule tweets and Facebook posts ahead of time and is a great tool for aggregating social media profiles into one place. It allows you to monitor the activity of all of your social media accounts within Hootsuites monitoring panel.

Be The Social Go-To Person In Your Cluster

Who connects the dots where you work so that the local cluster has the most power to influence listeners, clients, community and the core that matters to the full development of each of your local radio stations? Of course, everyone today plays a major role, but if you truly want to get ahead you have to provide that extra special spark of creativity, helpfulness, and ability to be what is needed in a wide variety of areas within your cluster.

Crank Up Your Local Impact

What can you do to really crank up authentic impact for your radio station, morning show, afternoon show, or sales department (yes, sales department) using social media? 1. Think about the people you most want to attract. If you are a personality, think about the time of day you are on the air and what is happening in your market. Research the flow of consumers, when they drive to work, when they come home. Review what they are talking about via Twitter and Facebook.

Your Social Media Content Strategy

People always want to take the shortcuts. It is human nature. How can I get all the things I need to get done and not really have to do all that? Ah, shortcuts! Private equity tries to do that every day by trimming employees, process, and commitment while retaining the look of proper business. Oftentimes they end up with a more profitable business that isnt as good as it once was. For us in radio, we must be careful to accomplish relationships with listeners instead of merely faking it.

Showcase Radios Social Media Power

A lot of people now think of radio as being under pressure from digital and social media, distractions big and small. However, I think our role is still local entertainer, local informer, local intimate-relationship. Radio can use these tools to explode our already intense relationship with local listeners. Local radio should engage social and digital media tools in pursuit of high-passion listeners and the locals who are truly interested in the music (if that is what they play) along with local programming. In other words, local engagement from personalities and the overall local philosophy of your radio station.

Unusual Social Media Strategies

Why do people spend more time pretending and dodging authentic behavior than doing the work of setting a real social media strategy that has objectives for your local radio station, and even clients? Its human nature to have a me focus. You see this all the time in politics, investing, TV, movies, and every other industry. But you can create opportunities to take your social media and the entire intensity level, or your connection with local high-passion listeners up on high, just by following a few guidelines to more powerful social media connectivity...

How Social Media Can Save Your Job

Consumers have more direct power and choice than at any time in human history because of technology available to people at all economic levels. A very mature U.S. economy now means that radio companies are always looking for creative ways to cut costs and increase profits for reasons we all know. Your on-air, social media, and online presence has a value. You should find out what it is, work to grow it, and make sure the company sees how valuable you are while further monetizing it for yourself without running afoul of company policy.

Crushing It In Local Social Media

Who do you know? A lot of personalities on the radio and owners/operators of radio stations think they dont really need to meet new people, but its not true. Todays media world and listener attention is splattered all across your market and you have new competition every single day. Living otherwise is crazy. So, how can you use social media to put your radio station and personalities smack in the middle of the local conversation? Lets take a look.

Focus Todays Radio Social Media

Its time. Time to kick your social media into gear and really get what local radio deserves. Radio is the original social media network. We certainly have a great opportunity to use all of our assets to grow deep roots in social media and benefit both listeners and advertisers. The questions involved are all about your activity; where you land it in social media, how you blend it with your natural place in the market and in the listeners mind, and how to harness it to make the most from it.

Learning From TV Social Media

So many radio station websites focus solely on contesting. However, you certainly see a lot of stations that give you the half-naked pictures of girls or TMZ-type gossip. Are there other things radio can be doing in social media to better reflect local passion, local listener tastes, and to capture more attention in the local market? What can be learned from television and its path into social media development for their brands?

Taylor Swifts Social Media Secrets

This isnt about how popular Taylor Swift is or if her career is up or down or if she makes you crazy or you love every smile, every song, and every reaction she has at awards shows. Its about understanding the basic elements of creating the right kind of buzz in social media and engaging where it is most important for actual impact for your brand.

Getting Cheerleaders For Your Brand

You know by the nature of the business you are in today that youre in an influential position. Your radio station, or stations, have huge power and you should use it. Have you considered stepping up your involvement in local-cause marketing at the station level to give you more influence for ratings and revenue because of the passion involved? Well, if you havent, you should. Here are steps worth thinking about in your market. It all starts with a few questions and then gets serious for you.

Get Local Listeners Sharing Your Content

People always seem to want to know how to get regular people to spread their content. Of course, they want supernatural answers instead of: Have great content. So, I thought we would take a closer look at sharing and going viral. What does it take to go viral? What does it take to get local listeners to share, share, share?

Damaging Social Media Pitfalls

Its pretty simple. Youre in it or you are o-u-t. But some people are out without even recognizing that they have left the listener playing field and are slowly going to sleep while the edge goes to competitors and their advantage with local listeners quietly slips into the darkened past. Is this you? Here are the five ways to make sure you are not dying a slow death from Old Guy Sickness, or you could call it 5 Ways To Make Your Social Media Help You Today.

Boosting Local Radio With Instagram

Lets go Instagram, team radio! We have the perfect business for visual fun with listeners. But what is your strategy? Do you have one? Perhaps we should take a look at an idea for radio fun with Instagram and you should spend some time putting your official strategy together before you jump in with both feet. 1. Develop your strategy. You have a fun business and a lot of fun moving parts. Its local and a lot of people might be interested in a behind-the-scenes look at your daily business or live broadcasts.

Saving Your Relationship With Listeners

Radio has long had a love affair with the public. For years theyve loved us in the car and at work. They even sometimes flip us on at home. Weve been a lot of things to American families over the decades. Everything from live shows to fireside chats from the president to music machines that pump out the hits of the day to local connectivity to things happening right now.

Make Social Media Easier

If youve been reading my social media content for a long time, you know that I like to say that technology changes; people dont. So, I am big on focusing on your social media content strategy for engaging listeners more than I am on the technology of social media. Thats because putting the work in to have a real strategy to benefit your radio station is important.

Being The Radio Employee

As we adjust to writing 2014 on our checks (if you still write checks), I thought it might be a good time to check in on social media and the local radio employee. Everyone in our business knows that the radio business has changed. In fact, that change dominates the landscape of conversation even though the actual larger changes have been developing now over 15 years. Here are the real 2014 employment questions...

Social Media Resolutions For The New Year

What are your New Years resolutions as they relate to social media in 2014? What? Youre in sales and you dont have any? Youre in programming and its on your list but you dont have enough time? Youre the market manager and if it doesnt make you money right now its not important? Ultimately, opportunity to invest in engaging both your listeners and your clients can be very important in making a difference in your ratings in the New Year and your revenue too. So, for the time-challenged, I have a few potential New Years resolutions for you.

Jump 3 Steps Ahead Of The Pack In 2014

Are you tuned in to what is happening with your listeners? Do you or your program director have a profile for the local listener your company most wants to attract to your on-air brand? How do you do this outreach given that you may not have access to regular local research? Maybe you already have a regular effort involving a listener advisory board, but what do you do beyond that? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see how you can refine your tune in and listen more directly to local listeners so your station, your morning show, can be in it and move with their sense of what is important now.

Don't Kill Your Brand In Social Media

Here is how to drive listeners away from your radio station by using your social media in ways that only the disinterested would. Please do all you can to avoid these actions and strategies so you can grow your radio station and engage listeners on-air and in social media and connect with the audience you most want to attract. 1. Dont develop a strategic plan for social media; let someone make it up. If they have ideas and want to waste time doing social media, let em have it!

Boredom's A Social Media Sin

Believe it or not, most people fall prey to social media charms because social media can seem like instant validation. In reality, it's often a mirror and anyone who uses social media to connect with a specific audience should be careful to avoid seeking validation themselves and stay focused on bringing value for the audience they most want to attract for their purposes.

Double Your Social Media Influence

Everyone in radio tries to go from point A to point B as quickly as possible. After all, there seems to be more and more work -- but less and less people in the business because of the shifting business model and budget restraints. Limited time and budget are two of the reasons that you see so much fast-to-post pure contesting and promotion on Facebook and Twitter from radio.

Winning Social Media For 2014

Thats right. I said it. 2014. It will be here any second. The 21st century is different for a lot of reasons. It seems time moves faster and you have less employees in radio stations to do the work. Oh, and more work. Radio has changed (and will continue to do so). Different broadcast companies have totally different philosophies about everything from on-air to social media to digital revenue. More choices and power for consumers (listeners). Because of the social connectivity factor, large groups of listeners can simply become more vocal or go away.forever.

More Ratings, More Money

When do you know your business has changed? I ask because some people are aware of changes, but they dont know how much things are continuing to change. This message may not even be for you. It may be for some people you work with or for. This morning I was challenged on my early morning walk to pretend that what the paper delivers in my town is what it used to be. In my opinion, it isnt even a credible paper. Why are they still going through the motions? Money.

Inexpensive Social Media Interaction = Loyalty

When it comes right down to it, social media is very inexpensive interaction with local audience you most want to attract if your targeting is correct. And, of course, if you and your entire team (anyone who touches social media of any kind) understands who you are as a radio station and the drivers that most attract the listeners you want to engage and convert to loyal listeners in your local market.

Key Visuals For Social Media

The number one way to get people interested in your content in social media? Visuals. Pictures and video. Yet, a lot of radio pros have difficulty grabbing on to how big visuals are at driving engagement in social media. After all, were audio, right? How much attention do you give to your visuals in social media and leading listeners back to your local radio brand?

Making That Special Connection

Why do you think personalities avoid putting themselves out there in social media? Dont these personalities remember their mom saying they were like snowflakes? You see this all the time if you follow what is largely happening in radio on Facebook and Twitter (and other social media platforms). You see a lot of focus on what other stations are doing and a lot of promotional stuff.

4 Resources To Keep You Charged Up!

Sometimes it is simply about not having enough time in the day to tap into cool content you can share with listeners or recharge yourself, and keep moving at that fast radio pace. Okay. I can deal. Use these things yourself. Share them in social media with your listeners or just take them for a test drive.

Key Elements For Your Social Media

You hear people all the time talk about how important their social media is, but what is behind those words? Are people really taking social media seriously or is it just viewed inside local radio clusters as a waste of time or something that cant be harnessed? Lets investigate 1. "Social Media is a time waster." Yep. This is true for the consumer. Your on-air staff and sales team shouldnt be consumers at work. They should be providing content and feedback, engagement and helpfulness to their targets.

Where Social Media Growth Comes From

Most people spend their time trying to figure out how to take shortcuts. A lot of people simply dont want to do the work. They want the spotlight of game day (as they say in sports) without the commitment to working out consistently that makes you a champion. Thats called watching. Not doing. We are in the doing business.

Dont Fake Your Social Media & Digital

Basically, we all know at this point that Miley Cyrus recently did something sexually over the top at the VMAs and social media exploded about it (predictably). essentially did a parody of an open admission commentary of the actual managing editor of about their coverage of this important cultural event.

Simplifying Social Media

In the old days, you just went on the air and did your show, you answered the request line, played songs, and enjoyed the music. But the old days are gone and you can never go back. Today you have to be connected to listeners in social media. Its new and you have to be an expert, right? What if the answer was suddenly, No? Open your mind and lets use the experience you already have as we look at what is happening with listeners today in a slightly new way.

Closeness & Connectivity With Local Listeners

Closeness & Connectivity With Local Listeners

Is really connecting with local listeners a myth in 2013 or can you really focus your efforts and pull in the big haul of real connection, more listeners, and active cheerleading for your show and your on-air brand with the listeners that are most valuable to your company? Here are seven important ways you can increase the opportunity for real connection...

Four Tips And A Bonus!

If you are on the radio in a local market today, what really matters is appropriate on-air content and local connectivity. You probably spend most of your time working on your radio show, but you should also work to have a social media plan for developing more local listeners, and those efforts have to be substantial in 2013 and beyond, to say the least.

Developing A Radio Strategy For Social Media

If you have conversations with radio people across the U.S. about social media strategy, nearly everyone will tell you they have one. They will say, Were on Facebook and Twitter. When you ask a follow-up question about what kinds of content they are using, the answers regularly become more disturbing. Often, its, What do you mean?

Turn Social Video Into Listener Power

If you have read my columns on radio and social media, you know that I am a firm believer that you need to be constantly visual to gain access to the attention of a lot of eyes across all social media platforms. Today we focus on video. After all, radio has so many video-based opportunities.

Back-To-School Digital Dollars

We often like to think about what is right in front of us and generally speaking we dont think about how time works. Its nearly the middle of July and children will be going back to school soon (believe it or not). So, now is a great time to develop your social media plan for taking advantage of what people will find important as they prepare for the fall and prepare for returning their children to school and their lives to normal.

Give Listeners A Great Social Media Summer

Give Listeners A Great Social Media Summer

Great radio personalities are always looking for ways to relate to their local listeners right now. When it comes to social media, the superstar personalities focus on service and providing important information that listeners could use or share (or both). Sometimes that is as simple as understanding that summer means kids are out of school, parents want a vacation (no matter if they can afford it or not), and even those who may not go far will want a quick escape during Summer 2013.

Get Attention For Local Radio In Social Media

Radio talents always want to know: How can I show that social media has real value? How can I really get attention in social media? 1. Think creatively about your content before you post on any social media. Dont just think about the message you most want to communicate. Social media is about engaging people.That means back and forth. To do that, you have to have a listener-first focus and you always have to think about how to get listeners to take actions to engage you on their chosen social media platform and on your assets, including your on-air show.

Take Loyal Listener Email Back

My sister-in-law and I were at a family event recently and she asked me, Why are radio station websites so crappy? But she could have asked the same about loyal listener email. Do you get those exciting emails that have no logo and only an ad from Ticketmaster? What about the generic no-value emails that scream, We dont care about you take our crap?

Showcase Your Social Media

It is always good to have a roadmap or a GPS and a plan when you get in the car and go on a trip. A sound strategy if you want to reach your goal or destination successfully. The same has been true for great radio stations for years.

More Local Listener Loyalty

Think of each social media platform as a club of sorts. Of course, individuals are going to favor certain social media platforms over others. Spend some time watching what people do in different social media environments and jump in to be part of the conversation. Its tempting to just selfishly share something that asks listener to tune in. Get in the stream of things before engaging.

How To Get Management Thinking Social

The people in our business radio want to build a big following on platforms like Facebook and Twitter and they want to be a popular choice for their content and for engaging listeners, but I do hear from radio all the time about how difficult it is to get management or ownership or others to push past simply having a Facebook page and being on Twitter.

Experiment With Twitter Et Al Now

Today could be an important day for you. Once I was a 20th century radio pro. I believed certain things and even believed that those things were universal truths that didnt change. Well, now I live 13 years into the future, and things change here all the time. Ive had to learn and embrace the contact and engagement elements of social media.

Using Social If You Were Local Radio!

Radio, in some corners of our industry, seems to be confused about social media. However, radio is the original modern social media and you can prove this to yourself in only a few seconds. If you think it, radio has always connected local groups and brought communities together by helping local listeners and local advertisers. We havent just broadcast to local communities.

Can Off-Air Assets Lead To More Revenue?

If you hear another person say we are living in transformational times, you will likely throw up. Its true. radio sees consumers gaining power all around them and many in our industry are trying to figure out how to reshape with the changing times. This power-shift includes everything from what has happened in the music business for record labels to what is taking place now in automotive (if you are not up on consumer demand changes in automotive, I suggest you visit your local Ford dealership and ask about apps in cars).

Do You Really Believe In Social Media?

How much belief is there in social media in your building? Do you believe it is real or do you believe it is a big waste of time? Lets find out. 1. Do your radio brands have a defined strategy for social media that gives them content goals to hit each day? Is the morning show responsible for blogging and sharing lifestyle pictures and videos along with other rich content that is designed to bring local listeners back to your website and on-air?

Major News Events And Social Media

When something as big as the Boston Marathon bombing takes place, local radio hopefully responds quickly. What about local radios social media? Here are five things you should consider when tapping into social media strategy for handling important breaking news.

Radio's 5 Social Media Missteps

Every once in a while I like to focus on what I call contemporary missteps in social media as it relates to radio stations and content misunderstandings. Maybe you never do any of these, but chances are you should read this anyway just to refocus your efforts. So, here are five specific missteps many radio stations make with their social media content.

Gaining Attention In Social Media

Radio stations will always want to figure out how to be more effective in social media. However, you cant be effective until you gain real access to the attention of the listeners in your market that you most want to attract, engage, and bring back to your brands. Here are four ways to drill down your content so that you focus on really gaining attention of the listeners you most want to engage with your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Charity Engagement And Social Media

Every company is a media company. Gone are the days when you are competing in just one form or the days when you are only competing with other radio companies and brands. You may not think of it this way, but you are competing with a wider variety of businesses trying to get your listeners attention. As you can reasonably expect, listeners regularly pull back to respect only the opinion of those they are close to or those that gain their trust over time.

Bring Listeners Back To Your Brand

Its funny when you think about social media and radio. Radio has always been a social media. Highly skilled radio personalities of the past were good at working crowds with real engagement, remembering names (validating listeners) and encouraging listeners to participate in local charities and join their radio station in doing good things in the local community and for causes like St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.

What Is Your Social Media Plan?

Social media sites are now used by more than 65 percent of adults over the age of 18 in the U.S. Some say those numbers are low. To establish that adult acceptance and widespread use of social media is not new, we are going to quote research from a couple of years back.

Facebook Redesign & Your Station

For anyone who does not know, rich visuals are a huge key to being successful in attracting and giving energy to the most important participators in social media, mobile, or the Web. Uh, if you dont know how important mobile is, the Facebook news feed redesign in 2013 should highlight that for you and you should be paying attention.

Boost Station (Brand) Advocate Cheerleading

While broadcasters constantly try to find ways to boost listeners who have a diary or a meter (how to game the system), seeking to please highly passionate listeners and those who are engaged and active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter could have an even more significant impact (because they could influence diary holders and meter carriers).

Social Media Value For Local Radio

While local radio (and national radio companies) seeks constant ways to get listeners to click, focus, and participate with them, actual radio listeners seek validation, value, and fulfillment of their needs with content that is relevant to them. This is true in social media even more than it is true of their identification with your local radio brand or personalities.

7 Big Social Media Missteps

What are the big missteps radio folks make when they use social media? You know it is happening out there. Its not just a misstep here and a misstep there. We see tons of radio stations only promoting likes or their own contests. Where are the truly local radio stations involved in what their listeners are passionate about and providing great content for the listeners they most want to attract?

Is Your Social Media A Waste Of Time?

Social media is a complete waste of time if you are not prepared to have a strategic plan (do you have one?) and turn your attention toward the audience you most want to attract and benefit. Did you see that second thing? And benefit.

8 Ways To Go Viral With Your Social Media

How do you go viral in your market, or in general, with social media? Lets take a look at how to set conditions to have your content spread like wildfire across the important groups of cheerleaders or passionate listeners and social media participators who will and can blow you up!

Hiring The Right Social Media Person

If youve ever thought about putting more investment in your social media, this may be the thing for you. It may be time for you to hire a social media person. However, you should put a lot of thought into the person you hire. Here are six qualities that person should have.

3 Social Platforms To Boost Results

You are strapped for time. Its difficult for your small staff to do everything. Budgets have been cut (again). The boss and the company still expect great ideas, creativity, and growth. You want to find ways to grow your ratings, grow your engagement, but you may not be sure you can be effective using social media along with your ratings marketing.

Make 2013 The Year Of Local Social

2013 is already off to a roaring start. If you are responsible for social media at your radio station, chances are good you may have confusing information about how to get the most out of what you are doing, but you can pick it up, improve what you are doing (even if you are already excellent) and push yourself to produce actual results for your brand in 2013 by marrying your social media to the mission of your radio station on a local basis.

Reduce Time Working Social Media

I hear it all the time: How can I take shortcuts? I work so much and wear so many hats. Tell me the easy way out. Before you read further, I must say that the easy way out or shortcuts just for the sake of shortcuts rarely add up to more success. The best in any business work smarter, but they dont take shortcuts just to perform less work.

Social Media New Years Resolutions

Oh, no. Its that time of year. New Years resolutions. Who makes these anymore? Oh, you do? Okay. Here are a few New Years resolutions for radio with regard to social media: 1. Social media is not going to be as important as the fundamentals on my radio station that produce ratings, revenue, public service, and the satisfaction of knowing I contribute to my industry and local market with the unique power of a local broadcaster.

4 New Local Social Media Trends For 2013

(By Loyd Ford) If you know it or if you dont, we have entered the era where the consumer, at almost all levels, is participating in the process of gaining access to a more pure form of control. And its coming to radio. This process has made its way through a variety of industries, crushing business models and shape-shifting the way businesses engage consumers and how consumers choose the brands they spend time and money with today.

Social Media Strategy Reveal For 2013

Thanksgiving weekend hopefully allows you to pull the plug after working so hard to prepare your brands for the long holiday weekend. Some time with family and friends is exactly what most broadcast professionals need after slugging it through tough battles for ratings and deep challenges on the employee level in this business, among other things. However, if you are fortunate, this time of year also allows you to reflect on your success and think about additional ways you can improve in 2013 and grow your business.

Changing With The Facebook Times

Weve had a good amount of time now to get used to the idea that there are these social media platforms (led by Facebook) that allow you access to opportunity (if you are willing to give up some of your 20th Century ways) to grab onto new ideas that will help your radio station in the seemingly new If it's free, its for me environments like Facebook.

How to Take Control

You always see advice about how you can do more with social media. How about some advice on control? Can control help you have more effective social media that makes you seem more human? Can you get more from your efforts simply by maintaining control? Lets check out four ways to have more control and why they are effective for radio.

Set Your Social (Media) Right

You might be surprised when you find out that the social media you thought was being done well for your team isnt. If you dont put care into understanding your audience and how they use social media, you will likely fail.

Do You Know What Your People Tweet?

In the 1950s, stations all across America allowed DJs to come in with their own records and play what they wanted. It was a free-for-all. No operator would do that today. Now, stations allow personalities, and even part-timers, to tweet and post on Facebook whatever they want without regard to having a plan for social media. What should you include in your social media content today?

5 Ways To Turn Around Your Social Media

If you find that your social media isnt working, you must take a serious look at how you are executing social media. Do you have a plan or are you following the herd? Are you engaged? Do you understand how social media is like building a relationship or are you using it only for advertising? If your social media is not working and you want to turn it around, start by asking what you might be doing wrong?

6 Ways Listeners Share You

Broadcasters usually want to engage listeners who will spread their content to others and really become cheerleaders for their brands. Thats fine, but it should not be your entire focus on social media. You should also be engaged in listening yourself.

4 Must-Knows Of Social Media & Radio

If you feel your social media is not working, the questions all become about what strategy you're using and how you define success in social media for your station. Lets take a look at four things everyone needs to know about social media and radio.

How To Go Viral On FB. Should You?

We could have called this How To Win Friends & Influence People, but I will spare you that. What are the keys for radio content going viral on Facebook? 1. Content, content, content. Believe me, I know it seems the experts are saying this until they are blue in the face, but you CANNOT FAKE this step.

Tips On Contesting Using Social Media

In todays busy broadcast world, people are often looking for the easy way out. A lot of radios efforts in social media fall flat because they try to use it for advertising or exclusively for contesting. You must ask yourself, Where is the value in our social media for the listener or the social media actives"? This week we look at contesting and give a few guidelines for you to think about when it comes to social media and contesting for radio.

6 Important Donts Of Social Media For Radio

With so much focus on what you should be doing in social media, every once in a while it is good to get a check-up so you know you are not actually doing things you shouldnt. 1. Be social -- and by that I mean dont over-market the radio station on social media. You know the kind of personality or station I mean: Tons of me, me, me, me and very little focus on the listener.

Welcome Listeners To Your Brand

Many people in our business talk about what to post on social media. There is a big focus on being "on" Facebook and Twitter (among other platforms). However, I have long stated that your focus in social media should be on providing a variety of top flight content that listeners want in those environments -- and it must be content they will spread.

Bank On Social Media Revenue

What makes social media so special? Why should you spend time and resources on it? Shouldn't the limited staff you have be involved only in advertising-related business on-air or making appearances on behalf of your brands? How can you use social media to strengthen your hold on advertisers?

Get Your Fall Social Media Moving Now

Get Your Fall Social Media Moving Now

When it comes to social media, you are never surprised that "great content is king." The trouble is being creative and coming up with ideas that can really turn the page for listeners and get them engaged in your product. As fall approaches, you have big family events that you can take advantage of with creative flair. Consider the return of school and the return of football.

4 Reasons Radio Struggles With Social

If your station (or perhaps a station in your group) struggles with social media, perhaps there are myths behind the struggle that could be keeping social media from being effective for your brand. Let's take a look at myths that might be holding you back.

7 Holiday Streaming Tips

You cant get much out of the holidays and social media, right? Wrong. You can use creativity to give a powerful impact to listener holidays and bond them to your brand.

Don't Forget Video!

Radio could use video much more effectively and often. It does not require a lot of time or effort in 2012 to make good video that listeners will be interested in and post it to social media sites so listeners are encouraged to participate in your brand.

Fix Your Broken Social Media

Many people in radio and other industries today believe it is important to have a social media arm. Some see social media as advertising; it isn't. Some see cheerleaders pumping up a brand and think they can do that in your radio market for your station; you can.

How a Personality Should Use Social Media

(by Loyd Ford) There are many hats to wear as a radio personality these days. More stations are expecting personalities to have a meaningful participation in social media. Unfortunately, many companies are simply putting content on Facebook or Twitter without a plan or even an idea about how they can contribute something truly meaningful.

4 Ways To Divide Your Time In Social

There are a lot of things you can do with social media, but stations have specific needs. As programmers or personalities, we should be seeking access to ears and eyes for our products both online and on-air, and also to participate in the lives of the most active listeners.

Social Media School For Radio

Every single person in the broadcast business should be going to social media school. Social media is more than a few buzz words. It is a way for radio to expand its engagement with listeners in their chosen social media platforms, lead them back to our brands for usage, and stay strongly connected to the communities inside our own local communities that matter for ratings and revenue expansion.

Getting Listeners to Like Your FB Page

While I'm not a big fan of trying to see how many "likes" you can get on your radio station Facebook page, (I'm more focused on having radio use Facebook to drive relationship, engagement, and activity back to our actual brands), clients ask this question all the time: How can I get more "likes"? They also want to know how to make social media easy, quick, and profitable.

Grow Trust And Usage With Social Media

The simple rules of the road are mostly about expectation. When you build a radio station, you know that trust and expectation are two essential elements that cannot be faked. The same is true for social media and personal contact opportunities. Here's how you grow listener trust and usage over time using social media?

8 Steps To Higher Listener Participation And More Money

Great content is the key to success in our business. Unfortunately, in many markets, the business of radio has been reduced to paint-by-numbers corporate measures to extract dollars from the local market with little choice, chance, or opportunity for elevating content.

Top 10 Musts For Your Loyal Listener E-mails

If youve been in programming, promotions, or associated with guiding a radio station over the last decade, you may be up to speed with your listener e-mail or it may be time to freshen your approach. Weve all seen stations send ads sold and forced down our throat from the sales department. That is a disservice to them, to your station, and to the listeners.

Promote Your Station, Not Just Facebook

A lot of radio stations think they are participating in engagement on Facebook. However, this is just like anything that becomes newly accepted by the masses. There are people who think they are using it for their own brands and those people who are just doing a lot of empty promotion. How can you make sure you are using Facebook instead of Facebook using you?

Become A Social Media Explorer

Exploring successful social media ideas can bring more power to your own efforts. After all, you are unlikely to have the best ideas 100% of the time. Looking around as a listener and not as a broadcast pro can offer you a new view of how to become more tuned in to listeners worlds. As always, you will hear me say that your goals for social media in all forms is to be a relevant part of listeners social media space, engage listeners in their own passions, drive audience toward your on-air brand.

Changing Social Media For Radio

Changing Social Media For Radio

Right now over 850,000,000 people are use Facebook. Targeting in U.S. markets for active users of Facebook is exploding. The temptation is always there to go big, be big and chase Facebook and other social media platforms for the purpose of participating alone. They tell you how to do it. Everyone pretty much does the same thing. At the same time, radio shouldnt just follow something like Facebook.

Success on Facebook is Not About "Likes"

Every day PD's and GM's brag about the number of fans they have on Facebook and how they want to increase this measurement. However, that only underscores how much work radio has to do when shifting from radio to social media. Our industry is often confused about how to use social media to get real results. The truth is only a small percentage of fans on a Facebook page actually engage with the brands they Like. Here are 3 reasons why you should never answer a question about the success of your social media with how many listeners Like your Facebook page.

6 Keys To Building Listener Relationships

There's a lot of hype involved with social media, and there are a lot of radio pros that have not yet awakened to the idea that systemic shift can get you if you dont move now to protect your best relationships. If you are not using social media to expand contact, encourage loyalty with real value-based content and grow listening occasions for your brands, you are setting up future critical failure of your brand. Here are 6 Key Ingredients To Build Listener Relationships thru Social Media:

5 Ways To Avoid Social Media Time Suck

If you are in the radio business in 2012, you have less time and are doing more work than ever. Still, you feel responsible to get every bit of value you can from the tools at your disposal. So, I thought we could look at maximizing the value of your social media by being efficient and using your time wisely.

Make Social Media EasierFor Your Listeners!

Radio people are usually always thinking How can we spend less time doing it but be more effective with social media for radio? Today we're going to talk about how to make it easier for your LISTENERS to engage your brand and get more from your social media. Here are six ways to make things easier for your listeners.

4 Ways To Increase Social Media Effectiveness

Is your social media stuck in the early days or have you broken free to establish active participation with listeners based upon what excites them about your radio station, what they care about and what you stand for in 2012? Here are four ways to increase your 2012 effectiveness in social media.

7 Social Media/ Radio Resolutions

(Loyd Ford) If you make New Years Resolutions, here are a few good potential social media New Years Resolutions for your radio station as you look ahead to 2012.

4 Ways To Make Your Social Media Pop!

(by Loyd Ford) As social media becomes more prominent and relevant, it's clear those radio stations (and shows) with better plans will get better esults. Everyone knows content is critical, but often content managers are missing important elements that can add to their actual success. Here are four elements that bring your listeners into your orbit in social media.

7 Tools For Managing Social Media

If only you had more time, right? Social media can be time consuming. As you begin to look at your plans for 2012, consider these seven potential tools for getting more out of your social media with less time. gives you opportunity to record screencast. You can put your screencast on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and it will even pop on your listeners iPhone. And its free.

Your Winningy Strategy For 2012

(by Loyd Ford) A lot more people than you might think are still wondering what their social media strategy should be. What should you include in your social media strategy for 2012? You program your radio station to be special, so your social media should be special, too. If you are a radio personality reading this, you should be thinking about your personal brand value and how to enhance that through personal relationship in social media. Here are some things that you must include.

A Winning Social Media Roadmap

Many of our bosses look at Facebook and Twitter as additional advertising vehicles. They are not. Too many executives in radio still focus on how many followers, likes or content readers they have as a judgment for how well they are doing. Thats not right either. While having a lot of followers looks good, it is really investing in a dead or disoriented measurement. Here's how you can set specific goals to gain real benefits for your radio station in social media?

5 Ways To Making Social Media Personal

(by Loyd Ford) Radios social media efforts are focused largely on advertising to listeners. Stations assign a person to deliver content designed to get people to like your brand. That's largely considered a win. However, the mission in social media should really be more focused on connecting with emotion to personalize those connections with actives or enthusiasts who always provide the 80 in the standard 80/20 rule.

9 Ways To Make Your Facebook Content Explode

(by Loyd Ford) You see all the sharing going on in social media. Perhaps you've seen the video of the fish in the blender on YouTube or a specific set of celebrity pictures on Facebook sared many, many times. Maybe you've seen a few radio personalities who have a fair amount of sharing going on among Facebook participators. But how do YOU make your content explode among listeners on Facebook?

9 Ways To Make Simple Listener Email

(by Loyd Ford) Radio stations today focus on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to engage listeners, but often those same stations bypass important email opportunities with their loyal listener database. They simply throw those opportunities away with little effort and less real engagement. That means stations are leaving a powerful opportunity to reach and engage the most important listeners for their station. Here are nine ways to fix all that.

5 Ways To Create Excitement Through Facebook.

(by Loyd Ford) A lot of radio stations have Facebook pages. Not many radio stations use Facebook as a stage for listener engagement. Yet this opportunity exists every day in your world and your listeners world. Here are 5 specifics to make certain you are building an engaging stage.

Make Your Website Social. Here's How

(by Loyd Ford) Social media is having a more meaningful impact for those who are truly and consistently working content for listener engagement and benefit. However, many radio stations dont put a lot of real effort into making sure their website is today friendly. How important is your website?

YouTube Is For Your Radio Station

(by Loyd Ford) So, you have fewer employees in a radio station than in any time of recent (or extended memory). You have fewer personalities in the building. You have a smaller group of people working on keeping your images in front of active listeners in your market, right? If only you had some tools that could help you spread your effort so you could do more with less.

Here's What Your Listeners Want From Social Media

(by Loyd Ford) We live in a world today that is dominated on a person level by companies that use technology to handle their customers. Average consumers can feel that companies want their money and not the work of dealing with them. Imagine it: customer avoidance through technology. This causes the general population extreme frustration, but it is generally accepted as the new normal.

5 Ways To Use Social Media To Your Advantage

What value do you place in learning new things and how do you see your job or role growing in this business over the next three to five years? We are standing at a value crossroads in this business today and no matter who you are you need to develop new abilities and be able to showcase those abilities to those making critical employment and business value decisions. How you see social media and how you effectively put that to work for you can play one critical role in adjusting your sails for continued success. However, you must be able to frame the issue of social media as a true value for your employer.

5 Ways To Get Meaningful Results From Social

(by Loyd Ford) Theres a lot of talk about social media. Its inside radio stations and in the trades. Were on Facebook. We use Twitter. "Foursquare, Google+ so forth and so on. Heres the big question: Can you really get meaningful results for your radio station brands using social media? The answer is: YES!

5 Ways Your Station Should Be Using Video

(by Loyd Ford) Even if youve been under a rock or two for the last couple of years, you know that a very large and mainstream audience in America is frequently using social media. Youve even likely seen the reports that one of the largest segments of growth on Facebook is 35 54. You might even think you are doing great if your radio station has a Facebook page and your station uses Twitter, but you are missing a lot of success and audience interaction if your radio station is not using video to get attention and share content (and have your content shared with others again and again).

5 Secrets To Developing a Winning Facebook Plan

(by Loyd Ford) Radio companies are so lucky. They have a business that focuses on people. People depend on connection to personalities on our best brands to help them get through their day, share music or celebrity news or changing weather and entertain them while they work. If you look at the things people depend on us for in companionship at the radio station, doesnt that look like some of the same things listeners do on their Facebook pages? People dont generally connect to companies (see the Geico Gecko). Adults (and children) connect and identify with personalities.

How to Use Social Media To Get Listeners Engaged

(by Loyd Ford) If youve read any of my thoughts on social media, you know I am a big believer in using personalities from radio to connect with individuals in social media and always working to bring them back to the station. But how do you make sure your social media connects with the right people who will matter to your brand and how to you get them to be more loyal to your station?

Your Social Media Value Is In Content

(by Loyd Ford) If you are in radio today, especially as a personality or programmer, your value in social media is in your content. Its the same as your value on-air. In fact, in todays changing environment, your content will be the only thing that keeps you employed and protects your employer from internet radio and other distractions that can interrupt revenue. Dont kid yourself.

Stop Gaming Your Listeners.

(by Loyd Ford) Most PD's say they are on Facebook and Twitter. Some tell you how many fans or likes they have. That's not engagement. Its a listener who did something once. Stations can use social media to compel action from important influential listeners. Unfortunately, looking at most Facebook groups and pages, you can see many in our industry are trying to game listeners with technology instead of building value relationships with actionable payoff.

Developing An Actual Plan For Social Media

By now, you are likely on Twitter and Facebook, but do you have specific goals you want to achieve within your social media platforms? Most radio stations are not working an actual plan because they dont have one. Some radio stations and whole companies dont think about applying strategy and goals to their work in social media because they dont truly value it. These are the kinds of competitors you want to have in any market.

Radio Lessons From The Facebook Changes

(by Loyd Ford) Radio companies from the mom and pop to the corporate should become more serious about the human aspects of social media. And radio has to get serious about using products like Facebook for the purpose of connecting with people in their chosen social environment and encouraging them back to the radio dial.

Social Media Database Questions To Ask Yourself

(by Loyd Ford) Since I get asked about database and social media a lot, I thought I would lay out some simple questions to make it easy for anyone to use self-assessment to see how they are doing with these amazing tools right now. These two items have a lot more in common if you do a good job of using both to draw important listeners closer to your brand.