August 30, 2015

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(09/10/02) WWOJ Turns To New Generation Broadcasting For Programming
WWOJ-FM, a Country-formatted station in Sebring, FL, has signed with New Generation Broadcasting Inc. (Alan Gray, Las Vegas, NV) for programming. Owner/GM Peter Coughlin already gets programming for two other stations from NGB: WWLL-FM (A/C) and WJCM-AM (DooWop Oldies).

Former Columbus, OH PD Rob Ellis is consulting NGB for WWOJ.

Gray’s NGB offers localized syndicated programming on a PC, using the Internet for command/control.

NGB also provides DooWop Oldies programming for two Citadel AMs in Pennsylvania (WHYL and WEMR) and for a Morgan Murphy AM (KVNI) in Spokane.

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