November 29, 2015

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(08/15/02) "Fratboy" Also Arrested For Publicity Stunt
The New York Daily News reports that Greg J. Tyndorf, known to listeners of WHTZ's morning show as Greg T. the Fratboy, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct by Carteret, N.J., police after he was duct-taped to a utility pole in a busy intersection while holding a sign that read "Save Ira Joe Fisher."

"I understand it may be a good publicity stunt, but the fact is, all I need is one person to look at that and not the road, and there's a strong possibility for an accident," said Carteret Police Chief John Pieczyski.

Tyndorf, who does regular stunts for Z100's "Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo" show, was positioned five feet off the ground at the intersection of Roosevelt Ave. and Wedgewood Drive. The crossing is near a busy access ramp for the New Jersey Turnpike, according to Pieczyski.

The prank was to drum up support for Ira Joe Fisher, who is leaving WCBS/Ch. 2 in October, when his contract expires. Fisher, who was not part of yesterday's stunt, is to appear on this morning's broadcast.

"Everyone at Z100 is a big fan of Ira Joe, and Greg T really wanted to do something special to show him how much we care," said Paul Miraldi, who heads marketing for the station. "We apologize for any inconvenience we caused the people of Carteret."

Yesterday's run-in with the Carteret police was not Tyndorf's first offense. He's been arrested three other times for similar violations. In each case, Tyndorf was fined. For example, in 1997, Tyndorf and two others were arrested for trespassing after they talked their way past the maid at Martha Stewart's Westport, Conn. home. Tyndorf was fined $77.

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