November 26, 2015

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(10/8/2001) KYNG Dallas Midday Team Fired During Charity Event.
The KYNG midday duo's contract expired September 28th and was not renewed. That happened as Don O'Neill was on the last leg of a Canada-to-Mexico bicycle ride to raise money for breast-cancer research and the relief effort in New York City. O'Neill learned he was let go while he was on the road.

KYNG program director Bob McNeill was going to let O'Neill, Ron Upshaw and Katie "The Chick in Charge" have a last day on the air Friday. McNeill told them not to mention the firing. However, that's exactly what they did. The show was yanked, and "best of" tapes were put on.

Ron & Don were hired last October. The station says it did not renew thei contract because they wanted more money than the station was willing to pay.

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