November 26, 2015

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Radio HOF Stands By Voting, Will Induct Dobson

CHICAGO -- October 14, 2008: The National Radio Hall of Fame will induct Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson on November 8 despite a threatened protest by the Dump Dobson Coalition, an activist group that is urging the RHOF to rescind Dobson's induction. The group, a partnership of local and national gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender organizations, called Dobson an "anti-gay bigot" in a release in which it also said it will protest the induction ceremony unless the RHOF changes its position.

In a letter to the Radio Hall of Fame Steering Committee obtained by Radio Ink, committee Chairman Bruce DuMont said, "The Dump Dobson Coalition has completely clouded the issues we as a committee faced as they have spread the word of their protest to an irate constituency, but one that is not familiar with the facts in this matter." DuMont said the group has also threatened the Museum of Broadcast Communications' fundraising goals.

The 2008 inductees to the hall were voted on by the general public, members of the hall, and a group of historians, educators, and industry leaders; other inductees this year are former Coast to Coast AM host Art Bell, WRKO/Boston-based syndicated host Howie Carr, KSFO-AM/San Francisco VP/GM Mickey Luckoff, and Los Angeles radio veteran Charlie Tuna.

The inductees were announced in July, and in a statement in August, the RHOF said, in part, "The nomination process follows published criteria and is based solely on individuals' tenures and accomplishments in the radio industry. A broadcaster's political, social, or religious views never are considered when deciding to include or exclude a candidate. Likewise, the National Radio Hall of Fame does not endorse or support the views voiced by any nominee or inductee on the air or via any other platform."

The Dump Dobson Coalition, led by the Gay Liberation Network and Truth Wins Out, has launched a website to support its efforts and plans to run an ad in the Chicago Tribune Friday. A review copy of the planned ad said Dobson is an "ideologue who has built his radio empire on anti-gay hatred and discrimination" and that he has used his "considerable political power to sway public opinion against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender equality." The ad also solicits donations.

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