November 26, 2015

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Layoffs Hit CBS's KNX, KFWB/L.A.

LOS ANGELES -- October 13, 2008: CBS Radio on Friday laid off anchors, reporters, and other staffers at News KFWB and KNX in Los Angeles, and, The Orange County Register reports, KFWB's Orange County and Long Beach news bureaus will be closed.

The paper named Orange County bureau chief Lori Kelman and Jennifer Bauman, also of the OC bureau, as well as Sharon Katchen from the Long Beach bureau as among those who lost their jobs. Also reportedly out are anchors Larry Carroll and John Darin and reporters Lonnie Lardner, Dirk Morgan, Chris Sedens, Michael Forest, and Christine Villacorte, and the Register cited unidentified sources saying Michael Linder, Vicky Cox, and Laura Ornest have been laid off as well.

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