November 27, 2015

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Triton/Dial Global Buys Jones Media Group

NEW YORK -- June 20, 2008: Jones International has sold Jones Media Group -- which includes Jones Media America, Jones Radio Networks, and JonesTM -- to Triton Radio Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Triton Media Group.

Triton Media Group President/CEO Neal Schore said, "This is a very exciting transaction for Triton Radio Networks. [Triton COO] Mike Agovino joins me in welcoming Jones' employees, advertisers, producers, content providers, and station affiliates into the Triton family."

"The combination of Dial Global and the Jones Media companies underscores our commitment to providing world-class service to our expanded base of valued advertising clients, producer partners, and station affiliates," said Triton Radio Networks CEO Spencer Brown. "We look forward to helping our partners continue their growth in both network radio and the digital arena."

Jones MediaAmerica will combine with Dial Global effective immediately, under the management of Dial Global co-Presidents/CEOs David Landau and Ken Williams, and Jones Radio Networks will merge with Triton's Dial Global, also under the management of Landau and Williams. The combined unit will offer syndication, long-form programming, prep services, and comedy services. Jones' 24/7 format business will operate alongside Dial Global's existing 24/7 format business, which it bought from Westwood One in 2006. JonesTM, meanwhile, will remain a separate operating unit.

Landau and Williams said in a joint statement, "This transaction dramatically increases the scale and scope of the combined companies' programming and sales options, which will provide our advertising clients with significant and immediate benefits. We are committed to utilizing the company's expanded platform and resources to enhance the services and value we offer our current and future clients."

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