November 27, 2015

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First Mediaworks

Study: TSL Up Among Young Listeners

DENVER -- June 17, 2008: Paragon Media Strategies has taken a second look at young people, radio, and new media, and it's got some good news: Radio TSL is up among 14-24s, with 54 percent saying they're listening to radio at least a little more than in the past. That's a change from the first "Youth Radio and New Media" survey, in 2007, when most respondents said they were listening to radio less.

"This year's results of this ongoing study can be considered great news for radio, which hasn't had a lot to celebrate lately with younger demos," Paragon President/COO John Stevens said. "Fourteen-to-24-year-old TSL to radio is up, and radio continues to dominate in-car music listening. More younger listeners say they are listening to radio more than less, and that is a significant change from a year ago."

In this year's study, 37 percent of the 409 respondents ages 14-24 said they listen to radio 1-3 hours a week, up from 28 percent in the 2007 study, while the number who listen less than an hour fell to 19 percent from 23 percent. In 2007, 8 percent said they "never" listen to radio, and that figure is now at 2 percent. Listening to four to six hours weekly was steady at 21 percent, while the number of respondents who listen seven to 10 hours a week bumped up to 12 percent from 8 percent.

In 2007, 73 percent of respondents said they listen to music from other sources -- CDs, iPods, satellite radio, etc. -- more than they listen to over-the-air FM radio. In 2008, that's down to 59 percent. Conversely, 41 percent said they listen to music on FM radio more than other media in this year's study -- up from 27 percent in 2007.

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