November 29, 2015

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FCC Mulling 'A Variety Of Options' For XM-Sirius Merger

WASHINGTON -- March 20, 2008: With the clock running out on his previously stated target of issuing a decision by the end of the first quarter, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said Thursday that while his agency likely won't meet that deadline, the proposed merger between satellite radio rivals XM and Sirius is on the commission's front burner.

"I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it," Martin acknowledged during a press briefing at the commission's Washington headquarters. "The staff is reviewing drafts of a variety of options. That process is underway."

Questioned by Radio Ink, Martin declined to indicate whether the FCC is leaning toward approval or rejection of the proposal. He also declined to comment on whether he has heard from the Department of Justice on the matter. The DoJ must also review the proposal, and it's widely expected that the FCC will delay action on the matter until the DoJ has issued a ruling. Martin himself acknowledged that the DoJ acts first in "99 out of 100" cases like this one.

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