November 30, 2015

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Crystal Award Finalists Named
WASHINGTON March 10, 2008: The National Association of Broadcasters this morning identified the fifty radio stations that will compete for its annual Crystal Radio Awards, which recognize radio stations' community service efforts.

The awards will be presented during the 2008 NAB convention in Las Vegas, which will take place April 11 - 17. Winners will be named during the Radio Luncheon on April 15.

The finalists are:

KABC-AM Los Angeles, CA
KBIG-FM Los Angeles, CA
KCVM-FM Cedar Falls, IA
KFOR-AM Lincoln, NE
KGO-AM San Francisco, CA
KIRO-AM Seattle, WA
KKLI-FM Colorado Springs, CO
KMJM-FM St. Louis, MO
KNOX-AM Grand Forks, ND
KOGA-AM Ogallala, NE
KOZT-FM Fort Bragg, CA
KPKX-FM Phoenix, AZ
KPRS-FM Kansas City, MO
KRSP-FM Salt Lake City, UT
KSFI-FM Salt Lake City, UT
KSJQ-FM St. Joseph, MO
KSL-AM Salt Lake City, UT
KSTZ-FM Des Moines, IA
KUAD-FM Windsor, CO
KUDL-FM Kansas City, MO
KUZZ-FM Bakersfield, CA
KYKX-FM Longview, TX
KZEN-FM Columbus, NE
WBEB-FM Philadelphia, PA
WCMT-AM Martin, TN
WDFN-AM Detroit, MI
WDBR-FM Springfield, IL
WDRV-FM Chicago, IL
WGCV-AM Columbia, SC
WFLS-FM Fredericksburg, VA
WGN-AM Chicago, IL
WGY-AM Latham, NY
WHIZ-AM Zanesville, OH
WHUR-FM Washington, DC
WILV-FM Chicago, IL
WIZM-AM La Crosse, WI
WJBC-AM Bloomington, IL
WKRQ-FM Cincinnati, OH
WLEN-FM Adrian, MI
WQNZ-FM Natchez, MS
WRVW-FM Nashville, TN
WSNA-FM Memphis, TN
WSYR-AM Syracuse, NY
WUBE-FM Cincinnati, OH
WUGO-FM Grayson, KY
WAWZ-FM Zarephath, NJ
WYCT-FM Pensacola, FL

In recognition of its five Crystal Awards wins, WUSL-FM also will receive the inaugural NAB Crystal Heritage Award for long-term commitment to community service.

Also, radio personality Larry Lujack will be inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Crystal Radio Award finalists were chosen by a panel of judges representing broadcasting, community service organizations and public relations firms. The awards were introduced in 1987

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