November 25, 2015

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Entercom-Nassau Deal Falls Through

BALA CYNWYD, PA -- January 4, 2008: Entercom Communications and Nassau Broadcasting Partners signed a letter of intent in August under which Entercom would take a 50 percent stake in Nassau's heritage Classical WCRB/Boston, but now that deal has fallen through, the Boston Globe's Clea Simon reports.

Saying the deal "sparked rumors of the format being replaced by another ... clone" of Entercom's Sports WEEI/Boston, Simon writes, "That danger has passed."

"The transaction hit an impasse," said Nassau President/CEO Lou Mercatanti -- who also said there was no plan to change WCRB's nearly six-decade-old Classical programming. Mercatanti went on to say that if another partnership deal came up, "we'd look at it, but we're content with the status quo."

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