November 30, 2015

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Ex-WVON/Chicago PD Disputes Sun-Times Story

CHICAGO -- December 28, 2007: Radio Ink has obtained an e-mail with former WVON/Chicago PD Coz Carson's resignation, time-stamped about two hours before Carson said goodbye to listeners as he finished filling in for middayer Santita Jackson on Monday. The Chicago Sun-Times' Robert Feder reported Thursday that Carson's resignation from the Midway Broadcasting Talker was a surprise to station management.

The e-mail to Midway Broadcasting President/CEO Melody Spann-Cooper, dated December 24 at 9:56 a.m., says, "It is with great anticipation for my career that I tender my resignation as program director of WVON. I wish you and the staff the very best in the future."

Beginning January 2, Carson will be co-hosting mornings on Access.1 Communications' News/Talk WWRL/New York. He told listeners Monday that he would be leaving the station immediately, saying, "I have a position that is a career-building position that I must assume at this point." He then thanked listeners, station staffers, and his family for their support, as well as Spann-Cooper.

Contacted by Radio Ink, Carson said, "I have a wonderful opportunity to work on the radio in New York City. I am saddened that on the eve of my career dreams coming true, I have to respond to what I can only hope is a misunderstanding."

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