November 28, 2015

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Emmis Publishing Announces Purchase Of Orange Coast Magazine

Emmis Publishing LP, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emmis Communications Corporation, has announced that it has purchased Orange Coast Kommunications, Inc., the publisher of Orange Coast magazine, from Ruth Ko.

“Orange Coast magazine is a dominant, well-established publication that has served Orange County, California, extremely well since 1974,” said Gary Thoe, president of Emmis Publishing. “As the leading magazine in the market, it boasts strong readership and a dominant market position. We think there are some interesting possibilities that exist with our ownership of Los Angeles magazine and Tu Ciudad Los Angeles that make this acquisition particularly intriguing. We are very excited about the future.”

“I am thrilled that Emmis Publishing is the successful bidder,” said Ko. “Orange Coast magazine is a perfect fit with Emmis' portfolio of quality lifestyle publications, and the company clearly understands the unique attributes that distinguish Orange Coast from its worthy competitors. Above all, this acquisition is a testament to the creative talents and business skills of my superb team. Today, I feel just like a very proud parent.”

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