November 26, 2015

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HD & Satellite Radio To Cover Live Earth
This weekend’s Live Earth concerts will focus attention on the worldwide climate crisis, and radio will be there. Beginning tomorrow morning (7/7/07), Clear Channel Radio's HD2 stations will present wall to wall coverage of the worldwide concerts over 24-hours and covering seven-continents.

Concerts will originate from eight cities: New York, London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney and Hamburg. Clear Channel Radio is offering its coverage in every one of its top 50 market where HD2 is available.

“This coverage is a great demonstration of the additional programming flexibility offered by HD2 side-channels. Without disrupting usual programming, terrestrial stations can offer continuous wall to wall coverage of this tremendous concert event through an HD2 programming partner. This can only stimulate audience interest in HD Radio while enhancing terrestrial service,” said Tom Owens, Clear Channel Radio EVP/Content Development.

On the satellite radio side, XM has dedicated a "Live Earth All Access" channel (XM 40), plus six additional channels to Live Earth coverage, which gives listeners access to all of the event's programming. Additionally, XM has launched a micro channel called Earth Sounds (XM 39) that will air in conjunction with its Live Earth coverage.

Sirius will also broadcast all eight Live Earth concerts, including live backstage interviews from New York and live commentary of the London concert.
Sirius this week also launched Green 119, a four-broadcast channel dedicated to sharing information on climate issues and environmental tips and myths.

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