November 28, 2015

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NAB Reacts To Introduction Of Internet Radio Equality Act
Last week in Washington Congressman Jay Inslee (D-WA) introduced the Internet Radio Equality Act. A memo from Inslee's office stated that act will "reverse the recent (Copyright Royalty Board) decision and change the royalty rate-setting standard that applies to commercial Internet radio royalty arbitrations so that it is the same standard that applies to satellite radio. For public radio, the bill sets a royalty standard designed for noncommercial entities."

NAB EVP Dennis Wharton had this statement: “NAB is reviewing details of Rep. Inslee's bill, which would overturn the Copyright Royalty Board's disappointing decision to dramatically raise fees for companies that stream music over the Internet. We will work with Congress to craft a solution that helps ensure the survival of a fledgling audio platform.”

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