November 30, 2015

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Anecdotal Evidence Indicates Healthy HD Radio Sales
Speaking Tuesday with reporters, HD Digital Radio Alliance President & CEO Peter Ferrara said that while they won't share exact numbers on how many HD Radio receivers are being sold to consumers, retailers are sharing anecdotal evidence that the devices are leaving the shelves.

"They'll say that sales are exceeding expectations or that they're oversold by certain percentages, but they're all hesitant to give me hard numbers," he said during a conference call. "I think they're all trying to capture the early market share on this, so they're kind of mum. It's a little frustrating."

Ferrara also said that getting some of the larger retailers to stock HD Radios remains a challenge. "For them to reset a store with an HD Radio, they have to remove something else," he said. "And they want to be assured that if they take out their top selling table top radio for something that has HD in it, that it's going to sell at or better than the level of the other model."

He added that the Alliance continues working on making consumers aware of the technology. "Right now, the consumer has to go in and ask for an HD Radio," Ferrara said. "We are still working our way through that learning curve, but the time is going to come - sooner rather than later - where the consumer won't go in and say they want an HD Radio; they are going to walk in and buy a radio, and it will be an HD Radio. As to how it ends up flooding the market - whether its tabletop or automotive receivers first, I don't know - but what I am going after, and what the Alliance is going after, is everything. We want to hit it all, and hit it hard."

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