November 29, 2015

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Entercom Announces New Sister To WWL New Orleans
Entercom’s AM signal at 1350 has become WWL On Demand@1350AM and will be a new sibling to its sisters, WWL-AM and 105.3 WWL FM. The new call letters for 1350 have been changed to WWWL.

“The growth of WWL AM has been unprecedented and listeners are demanding – through diary references, e-mails, telephone calls, faxes and face-to-face interaction – more avenues to access their favorite programming at convenient times that fit into their lives,” said Ken Beck, vice president and general manager for Entercom New Orleans.

“While WWL provides podcasts and real time audio on demand of popular segments on its website (wwl.com), listeners have repeatedly told us that they wish they could listen to their favorite programs at alternative times over the air. Now they can. They can listen to Sports Talk with Kenny Wilkerson and Bobby Hebert in morning drive or hear Garland Robinette’s afternoon show when they’re driving home, and more. The programs are time-shifted to make sure they’re available when people need them most, whatever their schedule,” said Diane Newman, director of Operations for WWL.

WWL On Demand@1350AM will also offer time-shifted presentations of Bob Delgiorno and Monica Pierre’s “First News” show later in the morning--and John “Spud” McConnell’s show later in the afternoon. The WSMB show, “The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris,” remains part of the lineup. A complete program schedule can be viewed at wwl.com.

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