November 26, 2015

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RadioTime.com Looking To Be The “TiVo Of Radio”

The web site RadioTime.com is looking to do for radio what TiVo did for television, according to the company’s Bill Moore. “Our site consolidates radio programming from all around the globe – music and talk – and makes it very easy to find, and then listen to it when you like and where you like,” he says.

RadioTime.com offers worldwide radio listing similar to TV guide, and for a $40 yearly fee, allows users to record webcast shows and move them to a digital music player.

“The focus of the guide is real radio stations, all of the licensed stations in North America and about 20,000 outside of North America,” Moore observes. “Seventy percent of those are music stations in any variety you can think of, and then spoken word stations, talk stations. You would press the record button and it would say, ‘Do you want to record one or all?’ and you say you want to record all of them. It shows up just like music with your MP3 software, it might be I-Tunes or Windows Media Player, and then it shows up on your portable MP3 players if you want to take it to go.”

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