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Hannity Keynotes Petroleum Conference

Sean Hannity was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, last week. Hannity has been vocal on his radio program about America’s need for energy independence. Through his “Get America Back to Work” campaign, which he spoke in-depth about in his Radio Ink cover story, Hannity teams up with companies in oil-rich states to help promote and inform those in need of work of the openings available to them.

Speaking to thousands of attendees at the 22nd annual event, Hannity praised the oil boom in North Dakota, which has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, and urged America to become energy independent. Hannity told the crowd: "In spite of government, you have been able to show the entire country that there is an answer out there — the answer is oil, the answer is energy, it's the lifeblood of our economy…You have shown the country the way, I just hope that America is wise and smart enough to follow North Dakota.” 

(5/28/2014 11:05:18 AM)
Ultra right wing conservatives and big oil. Go together like soup and sandwich...

- Scott Gilbert
(5/27/2014 8:38:49 PM)
Hannity would sell arsenic to his mother and tell her it was imported candy if there was a buck in it. Climate change is ruining the planet and this shill is pushing petroleum. Don't you think if our economy was geared more to needs than nonsense that there just might be more jobs? And if we put those Dakotans to work on wind power or solar power development, we'd all win. But then Mr. Hannity would have to shill for truth, and he just doesn't have the experience.

- Jack Walsh

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