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Clear Channel Taking It To Radio One In Houston


It's Radio One's biggest cash-flowing market and CEO Alfred Liggins admits Clear Channel is hurting his revenue in that city. On December 31, Clear Channel launched a new Hip Hop station, "93-7 The Beat, H-Towns REAL Hip Hop and R&B." At the time, Clear Channel Market Manager Eddie Martiny said, "93-7 The Beat is ready to write a new chapter in Houston radio history. Were defining real hip hop and R&B." Until then Radio One had no real competition for the Urban audience and they are taking a hit in the wallet.

Radio One has four stations in Houston, including Urban KBXX-FM (97.9 The Box) and Urban AC KMJQ-FM (Majic 102.1). Liggins certainly isn't ready to throw in the towel in his battle with Clear Channel. "Clear Channel puts a station on and suddenly they have a four share," Liggins said Tuesday after announcing a disappointing earnings quarter. "We've been in format battles before. We usually pick the fights. How committed are they to this battle? We've won many more battles than we lost in the Urban radio business. We have a plan and it's working."

(8/6/2014 1:28:36 PM)
Even as Sal makes the bolder comment, this is still an opportunity for Radio One to reconsider it's strategies and approaches on what was, essentially, a captive audience.

- Ronald
(8/6/2014 10:04:31 AM)
Hang in there Alfred. CC is run by Bob Pittman and his band of merry buffoons. It's only a matter of time before they cut personnel and drown out any success their new format has in Houston. CC is being run into the ground by a charlatan and it's long-term success and viability is limited. In 6-months, it will be a different story and you'll be OK. CC is doomed by billions in debt, hundreds of millions in quarterly losses and a complete fraud at the helm. Stay the course my friend.

- Sal Klein

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