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Ed Christian Will Also Defend Radio


Technically the Saga CEO will speak as the Chairman of the Radio Music Licensing Committee. However, he'll use his face-time with the Committee to back Warfield in his defense of radio. Christian will address the demand for more money from radio in his opening comments. "Please understand that the radio industry is not some vast pot of riches that can be tapped as a bailout for a recording industry that has failed to execute a digital strategy that addresses a decline in its own brick and mortar income."

"Congress unambiguously intended that, in exchange for unique promotional support afforded record labels and artists, terrestrial radio should be treated differently from other transmission platforms. That premise has not changed and the RMLC strongly supports our industry trade organization, the National Association Association of Broadcasters, in its efforts to oppose imposition of this licensing obligation that would cripple a radio industry that has been financially treading water for years now."

Read Christian's opening remarks HERE

(6/25/2014 9:28:40 AM)
To date, this is the most well reasoned and logical statement about copyright law and the different platforms of music dissemination that I've read to date. I hope members of Congress understand the root differences between digital audio transmission and analog BROADCASTING and treat them appropriately. They are in fact, different. "Internet radio" is not an accurate description of audio content available digitally.

- Alan

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