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Talk Radio Remains a Powerful Force in U.S. Politics


Over the last several years there have been many pundits, both inside the radio industry and outside, that have declared talk radio dead and gone. This week some of those same folks are saying the biggest political upset of the year should be credited to talk radio, specically Laura Ingraham. A Politico story says Dave Brat, who defeated Eric Cantor in a primary, "didnt have much money, staff or name recognition but he did have Laura Ingraham." And Ingraham willingly took the credit

Ingraham said, I helped shine a light on a race where the establishment was vulnerable. I helped give Brat a platform that he was not getting through any other media outlet. The national media wasnt giving him his due and national tea party groups werent lifting a finger to help him. I knew that if he had a little bit of a boost, he would make a really good run at this. Ingraham credited Ann Coulter and Mickey Kaus, as well as the conservative news sites Daily Caller and Breitbart News, with paying attention to Brats campaign. And both Glenn Beck and Mark Levin had Brat on their programs. If you were wondering about the number one talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, he does not get involved in primary campaigns so he did not take a side in that race.

Politico admits Brats surprise victory is a powerful reminder of the immense influence talk radio has over conservative politics.

(6/14/2014 4:03:39 AM)
When I saw Laura Ingraham's words about David Hrat, then heard he was supposedly a Convert to Roman Catholicism, my suspicions grew.
Now the once strontly religious Roman Catholic David Brat has had his bio updated, with no mention of Roman Catholicism.
Laura of lots of Faiths, there is nothing about you, Newt or Brat's philosophies that are catholic, your use of the catholic church for political purposes will be the downfall of the catholic church.

- Jane yavis

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