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The Most Influential Women in Radio?


One of our most popular issues, feature CMG's Kim Guthrie on the cover, will hit your mailboxes June 23. Radio Ink's Most Influential Women in Radio issue is now in its 15th year and it's as popular with readers today as it was back in 1999. This year we added something new - off-the-record thinking from The Most Influential about the advancement of women to power positions in the industry. We'll be sharing those answers with you here in the headlines until the issue is released. Here's a sample of what they had to say to the question, "Do you believe the playing field is 100% fair for both women and men to advance in radio?"

Do you believe the playing field is 100% fair for both women and men to advance in radio?
- Women are in mid-level management roles, but senior roles continue to be male dominated. Men occupy CEO roles and are the final decision makers for key senior roles.  Gender and style differences keep women on the sidelines verses the first frontlines of the industry.
- No. The playing field is level at entry-level sales, but not in management, programming, or on-air.”
- Not really.  Radio still feels a bit like an old boy’s network.
- Yes I do.  The true qualities that make for a good leader, the behaviors & skills that differentiate the radio professional that will keep rising in the ranks, are not gender-specific. 
- At the higher levels of management, trust is a key component for advancement.  Women haven’t had as much exposure as men, who have grown up with each other in successful careers.

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