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Wayne Ens

Are You Preparing For Growth?


Most stations arent prepared to capture the growth caused by the pent up demand created by a long hard winter.
Are you planning to grow substantially?

The problem with planning is its often based upon forecasts, which in turn are based upon statistics. Statistics, however, are only a rear-view mirror picture which has been impaired by a long hard winter. The forecasts which spring from that rear-view can actually become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Canadian broadcaster Allan Waters once said, Our problem isnt that we aim too high and miss, its that we aim too low and we hit our target. 

Are you planning to help your advertisers capitalize on the pent-up demand created by a long hard winter? All of the stars are in alignment to do so.

Consumer confidence around the world is on the rise; unemployment continues a steady, however slow, decline; interest rates continue to be very attractive; and most of the leading economic indicators are inching forward.

In terms of pent-up demand, in the U.S. , home building is far behind the needs of the population, and resale inventories are getting low.

Ninety percent of North American home builders, architects, remodelers, landscape professionals, and interior designers expect revenue to grow in 2014, according to the first "Residential Design & Renovation Outlook" report based on data provided by more than 6,500 service providers on Houzz, the online platform for home remodelling and design information

Many consumers who have been driving clunkers can now afford to move into a newer vehicle. New vehicle sales in the U.S. market are expected to rise 8.5 percent in April, compared to last year, as a typically strong spring selling season is underway, according to J.D. Power and LMC Automotive. The forecast expects annualized sales to reach 16.1 million vehicles in April, which is far ahead of last year's 15.2 million level.

All of this, coupled with longer days of sunshine, combines to create a brighter future than you may have forecast. Cautious optimism is understandable, considering the battering from our weather, and of our economy, in the past, but lets not let history cloud our windshield view.

Enthusiasm can be contagious and can drive the growth that is sitting there waiting to happen. As Henry Ford said, Whether you think you can, or think you cant, you are right!

I, for one, know we can finish this year with a bang and Im planning for growth. Will you join me?

Wayne ENS is president of ENS Media Inc He may be contacted at