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Randi Rhodes Ends Radio Show. Again.


This time its her choice according to Premiere. You may remember back in November it was announced that Rhodes would no longer be syndicated by Premiere, but that was reversed and the relationship continued. Until now. Here's the statement from a Premiere spokesperson. “I can confirm Randi Rhodes has decided to end her national radio program.  We’ve had a successful partnership with Randi for several years, and we wish her all the best for the future.  Premiere Networks will conclude syndication and production of Randi Rhodes on May 16, 2014.”

(9/19/2014 7:43:02 AM)
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(9/6/2014 12:56:19 PM)
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(5/15/2014 7:16:11 PM)
The sour grapes - the score keeping - she's let it all hang out... trashing Franken and Maddow - priceless. The so-called power to the people, radio personality - is pissed that it wasn't a more lucrative and recognized endeavor. She has always been a marginal talent, a marginal player and marginally sane - so good riddance and adieu Randi. I called this many years ago - all of the machinations about being this selfless crusader, talking truth to power - nothing but theater of the absurd.

- BaBaBooey

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