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"A Gigantic High"



That's how Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan described the NextRadio project to analysts and investors on Thursday. Smulyan says the five largest radio groups have told him to hit warp speed on the NextRadio rollout. "They want us to take this to the next level. The key is for them to make their stations interactive, and that takes time." We now know consumers love it. Smulyan says he's also been talking to other carriers, in addition to Sprint. And, he said three automakers have said, "Your solution for the smartphone (NextRadio) is also your solution for the dashboard. Smulyan believes Nextraio can transform the radio industry.


(4/5/2014 7:51:32 AM)
Perhaps Eric and Jeff convinced Mark to remove that article (below) from his blog...

(4/5/2014 7:24:08 AM)
Jeff's real motive is to get that flawed iBiquity HD Radio chip onto cell phones, so iBiquity can start collecting royalties then go IPO.

(4/4/2014 8:33:27 PM)
"Let me repeat that for emphasis: After almost 7 months, the NextRadio platform currently services an average audience of 119 listeners."

NextRadio is a joke.

(4/4/2014 2:29:21 PM)
Too late you guys. Although you can try to play catch up but we all know it would be too expensive and you don't know what to do. Beside it's already done! We have clients and our technology has been running flawlessly for over a decade. However, will be happy to cheaply License our technology to you and work with anyone to implement our new technology that was built to migrate radio into the interactive world.#nextradio

- Robin Solis

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