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Why Emmis Did So Well In Q4



All five Emmis Miller Kaplan markets were up, with Los Angeles, Austin, and Indianapolis up double digits. National business was up 23 percent on flat markets. Local was up 6 percent on markets up 1 percent. NTR was up 27 percent on markets up 24 percent, and digital was up 32 percent on markets up 18 percent. December was up 7 percent,  January was 10 percent, and February up 20 percent. The number of units Emmis sold actually decreased 5 percent, meaning they were getting more money per spot, up 15 percent.


For the year, national was up 2 percent, local gained 5 percent, NTR was down 1 percent, and digital was up 23 percent. This is the fourth consecutive year the Emmis portfolio of stations has taken market share, pacing up low- to mid-single digits in Q1 -- up 5 percent in the month of March. Automotive was largest at 12 percent of revenue, growing 20 percent in the quarter. Wireless was up 26 percent in Q4 and made up 9 percent of the total Emmis business. Healthcare was the third-largest category, up 66 percent in Q4. For the year, automotive made up 11 percent of Emmis' total revenue, an increase of 17 percent.